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Unlock Hidden Treasures in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is packed with exciting quests and thrilling battles, but don’t forget about the hidden treasures that await discovery. These secret stashes can provide you with powerful magical items and interesting pieces of lore. Larian, the game’s developer, rewards players who explore with curiosity and take the time to search every nook and cranny. So grab your shovel and prepare to uncover some amazing surprises in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Silver Pendant

Location: Just a stone’s throw Northwest of Roadside Cliffs.

If you venture off the beaten path near Roadside Cliffs, you’ll stumble upon an old campsite. Among the bones is a Silver Pendant that can make a huge difference in your gameplay.

Ring of Color Spray

Location: Nestled inside the Harpy Nest, northeast of the famed Emerald Grove.

Explore Emerald Grove and head north through The Hollow to reach the Sacred Pool. Hidden within the Harpy Nest is the Ring of Color Spray, a piece of jewelry with incredible magical abilities.

Sorrow Glaive

Location: Deep within the Emerald Grove Enclave Library’s most secretive vault.

If you possess the Rune of the Wolf, you can unlock a stairwell in the library that leads to the highly coveted Sorrow Glaive. This powerful weapon is just one of the many treasures you’ll find in the vault.

Zhentarim Basement’s Bounty

Location: Zhentarim Hideout in Waukeen’s Rest.

Dive deep into the Zhentarim Basement in Waukeen’s Rest and discover a treasure trove of valuable loot. Among the items you’ll find are the Abyss Beckoners gloves, a must-have for any adventurer.

Shattered Sanctum’s Hidden Chamber

Location: The elusive northernmost room of Shattered Sanctum.

Delve into the Shattered Sanctum and explore its secret chamber. Whether you use magic or traditional sneaking techniques, this hidden room contains a wealth of treasures. Don’t miss the Amulet of Selune’s Chosen!

Shield of Scorching Reprisal

Location: Dammon’s Forge, near the Last Light Inn

Just outside Dammon’s Forge, you’ll find a trapped bridge. Cross it carefully and search for torches. Climb the rocks nearby, and if you pass a perception check, you’ll discover a pile of stones. Beneath them lies the Shield of Scorching Reprisal, a rare shield that offers protection and fire resistance.

Random Loot On A Rooftop

Location: Northwest of the Last Light Inn

Head northwest from the Last Light Inn and spot a raven near a ruined house. Defeat the shadow-cursed ravens inside the house, then climb onto the rooftop. You’ll find a locked chest that contains randomized loot. Put your lockpicking skills to the test!

Ring of Mental Inhibition

Location: House in Deep Shadows, near the Shadowed Battlefield Waypoint

Make your way to the House in Deep Shadows near the Shadowed Battlefield waypoint. Inside, you’ll discover a locked wooden chest that contains the Ring of Mental Inhibition. This powerful ring has the ability to weaken your enemies.

Shadow-Cloaked Ring

Location: South of the Last Light Inn

To the south of the Last Light Inn, you’ll find a small area with a chicken coop, a deceased true soul, and a circle of magic torches. Destroy the torches to summon a pack of shadow mastiffs. Defeat them and loot the Shadow Mastiff Alpha to obtain the Shadow-Cloaked Ring, which enhances your attacks.

Stillmaker Dagger

Location: Cave entrance under the bridge at the South Span Checkpoint

If you’re in Act 3, head to the town of Rivington and locate the cave entrance under the bridge at the South Span Checkpoint. This cave plays a vital role in the Open Hand Temple murder investigation. Near the entrance, you’ll find the Stillmaker Dagger, a valuable weapon that grants you the powerful Hold Person spell for crowd control.