Best players for Golden Glow Up (Part 2) Evolution in EA Sports FC 24

Best Players for Golden Glow Up (Part 2) Evolution in EA Sports FC 24

Evolutions are an exciting new feature in EA Sports FC 24, allowing players to upgrade their favorite characters and keep them on par with the rest of the game. One of the most appealing Evolutions is Golden Glow Up, which transforms a Bronze player into a Gold player. It’s a fantastic concept that allows players to discover hidden gems and create powerful cards. In this guide, we’ll explore the best players for the Golden Glow Up (Part 2) Evolution in EA Sports FC 24.

My first recommendation: Utilize players from the first part

One important recommendation is to use a player from the first part of Golden Glow Up, as they receive better upgrades by going through this Evolution path. You can find a comprehensive guide on the best players for the first part of the Evolution here. However, there’s a loophole that allows us to include other players in the second part of Golden Glow Up, even if they weren’t used in the first part. Since the requirements for this Evolution only call for an Evolved player and not a player from the first part, we can incorporate gold cards from other Evolutions like “Welcome to Evolutions” and still achieve significant upgrades. Let’s take a look at some of the top players.

Christoph Baumgartner

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Baumgartner is an excellent choice for the Golden Glow Up Evolution in EA Sports FC 24. At the end of this Evolution, he has an impressive overall card as an attacking midfielder. While his medium-medium work rates and three-star weak foot aren’t ideal, he remains a strong card, particularly in the early stages of EA Sports FC 24.

Matteo Guendouzi

Ea Sports Fc 24 Guendouzi

Screenshot: PC Invasion

For this Evolution in EA Sports FC 24, Matteo Guendouzi is undoubtedly one of my top picks. His card at the end of Golden Glow Up Part 2 is fantastic, with a well-balanced set of stats. He becomes an exceptional all-around midfielder and can even excel as a CF if desired.

Ryan Gravenberch

Ea Sports Fc 24 Golden Glow Up Gravenberch

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Ryan Gravenberch is another personal favorite for this Evolution in EA Sports FC 24. With four-star skills and a weak foot, he excels in ball control in almost any situation. His overall card is well-rounded, and he only gets better as you progress. The only limitation is his position as a CM, so you won’t be able to play him in other positions. However, with his exceptional stats, he’s an ideal all-round box-to-box midfielder.

Khephren Thuram

Ea Sports Fc 24 Thuram

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Thuram emerges from the Golden Glow Up Evolution with an incredible card for use as a box-to-box midfielder. His stats include four different attributes in the 80s, and the remaining two are in the mid 70s. With his high-high work rates, he proves to be exceptional in that box-to-box role I mentioned earlier. He’s simply a fantastic all-around option.

Conor Gallagher

Ea Sports Fc 24 Gallagher

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Our final player for the second part of Golden Glow Up in EA Sports FC 24 is Conor Gallagher. Similar to Thuram and Gravenberch, he perfectly fits the bill as an all-around box-to-box midfielder. His stats are all above 70, with most of them in the high 70s or exactly 80. The only exception is his defense stat, which sits at 71. However, you can compensate for this deficiency by playing him alongside a defensive midfielder in a more attacking box-to-box role.

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