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Ukranian AI Company Zibra AI Reaches Milestone of 100,000 Users

Ukranian deep tech company AI has announced that it has achieved an impressive milestone of reaching 100,000 users of its revolutionary technology. The company’s Zibra AI platform, founded in 2021, aims to streamline the creation of interactive VFX and 3D assets and characters by offering AI-generated 3D assets. It has successfully built a strong community of developers, VFX artists, and gaming enthusiasts who have embraced the platform both in their projects and for more experimental purposes.

Zibra AI hopes that this milestone will serve as a demonstration of how the responsible use of artificial intelligence can greatly assist developers in improving their development cycles, regardless of the scale of their projects.

“Reaching 100,000 users is a fantastic achievement for us, but what’s even more incredible is witnessing the level of interaction within our community,” stated Zibra AI CEO and co-founder, Alex Petrenko. “Our Discord server has become a creative hub where developers can freely express themselves and their work. Additionally, we regularly see our community showcasing their creativity using our tools on other popular platforms like Reddit.

“Zibra AI was established to support and empower creative minds, and thankfully, our technology seems to resonate with our rapidly expanding developer community, for whom we are truly grateful.”

Commitment to Ethical AI

The team behind Zibra AI brings a wealth of experience from top gaming and tech companies, which has given them a deep understanding of the industry. Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming a prominent topic within the gaming space, with concerns arising about the potential job losses it could entail. However, the use of AI as a tool cannot be underestimated, especially with the significant role generative AI plays in simplifying the process of creating assets.

Zibra AI’s commitment to developing their technology with a strong emphasis on ethical use may instill more confidence in users of the platform. This commitment could also lead to wider adoption by game makers who prioritize addressing the potential implications of AI technology on creative industries.

In a recent announcement, Zibra AI revealed its partnership with Room 8 Group, aiming to “ethically pioneer innovative solutions in virtual content creation and tackle the evolving challenges of the mobile and console/PC industries.”