How to beat the Episode 1 boss in Disgaea 7

Guide: How to Defeat the Episode 1 Boss in Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7 is back with a new Netherworld and a protagonist fixated on bushido. Prepare to face a series of formidable demon adversaries, with even the first boss posing unexpected challenges. Here is our comprehensive guide on how to defeat the Episode 1 boss in Disgaea 7.

Sizing up the Episode 1 Boss

In Episode 1, your main focus should be on defeating the fearsome boss known as Big Bull. While there are other enemies on the field, they are merely distractions. However, failing to handle these distractions properly can quickly lead to defeat. One distraction you must address is the Geo Symbol located at the far end of the field. It enhances blue Geo Panel spaces with the “Enemy Boost +50%” effect, which is highly unfavorable.

Fuji, your character, possesses the ability to enter Hell Mode from the beginning of the battle. This grants Fuji access to special moves like Divine Kanzan, which is crucial for defeating the boss. However, you must eliminate the blue Geo Panel before attempting to strike Big Bull, as his defense is otherwise impenetrable. A single successful hit with Divine Kanzan should suffice to defeat him. Failing to do so will likely result in defeat.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Executing Your Strategy

Your goal in this battle is to keep Fuji alive long enough for him to deliver the fatal blow to Big Bull. To achieve this, you must complete two key steps:

  1. Eliminate the blue Geo Panel
  2. Defeat Big Bull

At the start of the battle, immediately send Fuji to eliminate the two enemies directly ahead of the starting point. This should pose no significant risk. Position healers right behind Fuji to ensure his health is maintained. Moving along the strip of green Geo Panel spaces, Fuji can manage other enemies without attracting the attention of more formidable foes while benefiting from the “DEF + 50%” effect.

Once the initial enemies are dealt with, focus on removing the blue Geo Symbol. There are various approaches you can take to achieve this. If you have characters with ranged attacks leveled up, assign one of them to destroy the Geo Symbol. Use a weaker character to throw the ranged attacker within range of the Geo Symbol.

Note that you will also face two archers in addition to Big Bull. If they attack before you eliminate the Geo Symbol, the damage could be devastating. While it is technically possible to throw Fuji ahead to remove the panel, doing so may put him at risk and jeopardize the battle. Avoid this unless it is the absolute last resort.

Disgaea 7 Episode 7 Boss Fight Geo Symbol Rush

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Defeating Big Bull

After eliminating the Geo Symbol, proceed with caution towards Big Bull while keeping an eye on the archers. The archers can still deal significant damage and quickly dispatch weaker characters. This is where having ranged attackers positioned strategically is advantageous.

Target Big Bull directly with Fuji when you are ready to bring an end to the battle. Activate Hell Mode and utilize the Divine Kanzan ability. Even if Fuji has not undergone extensive leveling up, this skill should be sufficient to defeat Big Bull in a single turn. I managed to defeat the boss without resorting to level grinding in previous stages, so it is entirely possible to succeed.

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