Is There Slide Canceling in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer? Answered & the Mechanic Explained

Will Slide Cancelling Be a Feature in Modern Warfare 3?

Slide cancelling became a popular movement enhancement feature after its introduction in 2019’s Modern Warfare. However, it was removed in Modern Warfare 2, resulting in dissatisfaction among players. With the release of Modern Warfare 3 approaching, let’s find out if slide cancelling will make a comeback and how it works.

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Sledgehammer Studios took note of the community’s feedback and decided to reintroduce slide cancelling as a feature. Many players disliked its absence in Modern Warfare 2 as it made the gameplay feel slower and less fluid. Now, players can once again utilize this mechanic to enhance their quick reflexes.

The inclusion of slide cancelling has sparked controversy in the past, with some players deeming it unnecessary while others appreciate its traversal benefits. When used effectively, it creates a skill gap between players and can prove devastating against those who cannot keep up.

How Does Slide Cancelling Work in Modern Warfare 3?

In Modern Warfare 3, you can perform a slide by pressing the crouch button while sprinting. This action allows you to quickly move into cover, engage in combat, or disorient your enemy’s aim. While sliding, you enter a brief animation that maintains your movement in a specific direction but still allows you to aim down your sights.

Skilled opponents may attempt to track your movement and land additional hits while you’re sliding. Therefore, being able to cancel the animation midway through becomes a critical mechanic for some players. It can be used to disrupt an enemy’s aim, gain an advantage in short-range gunfights, and secure the first few shots.

Furthermore, you can customize your loadout to further improve slide cancelling. Whether it’s selecting specific guns or opting for different boots that enhance your aim down sights (ADS) or strafe speed, these choices give you an added edge in close-quarters combat. However, it’s worth noting that players mentioned during the COD Next showcase that the slide cancelling mechanic in Modern Warfare 3 is less snappy and fast than it was in Modern Warfare.

These are the main details about slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3. The game is set to release on November 10, with a PlayStation exclusive beta from October 8-10 and a crossplay beta from October 14-16 across all platforms. Stay tuned for more guides to prepare you for the game’s launch!

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