Fortnite – Assist In Destroying Zombie Road Signs Guide

Find and Destroy Zombie Road Signs in Fortnite for Fortnitemares Challenge

Fortnitemares has returned to Fortnite, bringing a spooky atmosphere to the battle royale island. As part of this update, there are new zombie road signs scattered throughout different locations on the map. If you want to complete the challenge to destroy these zombie road signs and earn XP, we’ve got you covered with the locations where you need to search.

Where to Find Zombie Road Signs

Unlike other location-based quests in Fortnite, the game doesn’t provide specific information on where to find zombie road signs. These signs move around with each round, making them trickier to locate. However, there are certain areas where you have a higher chance of finding these zombie road signs. Here are some recommended locations:

  • The roads surrounding Frenzy Fields
  • The orange and autumnal region in the northwest corner of the island
  • The roads surrounding Shattered Slabs
Bumper sticker idea: I brake for the undead.

Your best bet for finding zombie road signs seems to be the orange- and yellow-colored biome, as it resembles the harvest season associated with Halloween. Keep in mind that not every street sign you come across will be a zombie road sign, but in our experience, three out of the first four signs we encountered in the area south of Frenzy Fields were zombie road signs.

To complete this challenge quickly, hop in a car and stick to the road. Take down any street signs you spot along the way. Within a couple of minutes, you should be able to knock over three zombie road signs and earn seasonal XP. Happy hunting!

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