Sonic Superstars Review – IGN

Sonic Superstars Offers a New Twist on Speed

Most Sonic games have always been synonymous with lightning-fast speeds and adrenaline-fueled gameplay. However, Sonic Superstars takes a different approach by introducing new abilities, more exploration, mini-games, and slightly more challenging bosses. While this stylistic shift works well for the game’s approximately 15-hour multi-campaign story, some fans may miss the breakneck pace that defines the series.

A Variety of Game Modes

Sonic Superstars features three main game modes: a campaign with three individual stories, an eight-player battle mode, and a time attack mode. The campaign takes players across 11 Zones on the new Northstar Islands, offering flashy levels inspired by classic stages from Sonic’s history. While the backdrops can sometimes make it challenging to discern obstacles, the levels capture the beloved aesthetic of the series.

The game introduces new stages with unique quirks and mechanics that add freshness to the gameplay. For example, one stage features a giant snake that provides a slight bounce when traversing it, while another has fog patches that obscure the player’s vision. The level design showcases creativity and invites players to explore different routes and secrets.

A Shift Towards Platforming

Sonic Superstars deviates from the series’ emphasis on speed and instead focuses more on platforming. While this new direction allows for more exploration and multiple routes within each level, it may disappoint players who crave the exhilaration of sonic speed. Additionally, the placement of hazards and enemies can sometimes feel questionable, leading to frustrating encounters.

Exploring alternative routes initially feels rewarding, especially when utilizing the various Chaos Emerald powers, but the lackluster rewards for these exploration efforts diminish the incentive to continue. Rings and cosmetic items for multiplayer customization may not be enough to motivate players to take on additional challenges.

A Need for Speed

Sonic Superstars initially feels slower compared to previous titles in the series, which may disappoint longtime fans. It takes time to uncover more efficient routes and regain the sense of speed synonymous with the Sonic franchise. To experience the thrill of Super Sonic and unleash his full potential, players must collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, a relatively straightforward task thanks to the game’s increased focus on exploration.

New Powers and Characters

In Sonic Superstars, Chaos Emeralds grant unique powers to not only Sonic but also other playable characters. Powers such as creating clones or launching oneself in different directions add strategic depth to the gameplay. The introduction of Trip, a new character designed by Sonic and Eggman creator Naoto Oshima, adds an additional layer of mystery and intrigue to the game’s overall story.

A Mix of Boss Battles

The boss battles in Sonic Superstars offer a mix of challenging encounters. While some bosses provide an enjoyable level of difficulty with well-executed attack patterns, others drag on for extended periods. Certain bosses require specific attacks to be countered, making them immune to regular attacks and prolonging the battles unnecessarily. The lack of checkpoints during some of these drawn-out fights further amplifies the frustration.

A Phenomenal Soundtrack

One of Sonic Superstars’ standout features is its phenomenal soundtrack that perfectly complements each stage. Throughout the game, the music captures the essence and theme of every level, immersing players in the vibrant world of Sonic.