How to get to the other side of Oubliette in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Reach the Other Side of Oubliette in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll encounter numerous challenging quests, mysterious locations, and hidden spots as you explore the vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3. One such intriguing location you’ll come across while navigating the Moonrise Towers is the Oubliette. It’s where Ketheric Thorns escapes to after being defeated. So it’s crucial to know how to gain access to this treacherous maze in order to continue your adventure.

Oubliette is a bloody and perplexing area located beneath the Moonrise Towers. While you can reach this area through the main storyline, patience is required. Once you reach the Light Inn, you won’t be able to access the other side of Oubliette until you complete the Moonrise Towers questline and confront Ketheric Thorns in battle.

The boss battle with Ketheric occurs in three phases, each more challenging than the last. It’s important to be prepared and approach the fight strategically. Prioritize eliminating Ketheric’s army to weaken him and evenly position your own forces to attack from all directions. In the third phase, be cautious of the Bone-Chilling effect.

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Eventually, Ketheric will admit defeat and flee from the Towers. As Ketheric’s health nears depletion, a tentacle will break open a hole in the tower and pull Ketheric inside. Follow him by jumping into the hole to be transported to the Mind Flayer Colony on the other side of Oubliette.

Alternatively, there is another way to access this hidden location. You can reach the Oubliette by interacting with the Cracked Wall at coordinates X: -125 and Y: -178 in the Moonrise Towers, or by jumping into the green hole inside one of the prison cells.

Exploring the other side of Oubliette is straightforward. Simply progress through the main storyline until the game leads you to the area itself.

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