Roblox CEO Tells Remote Workers To Work In-Person Three Days A Week Or Lose Their Jobs

Roblox Ends Remote Work Policy, Requires In-Person Attendance

The popular online game platform, Roblox, has recently made the decision to end its work-from-home policy and require remote employees to transition back into the office. Those who refuse to comply may face termination.

In a memo sent on October 17, Roblox CEO David Baszucki explained that a “number” of remote workers will now be expected to follow a three-day office schedule at the company’s headquarters in San Mateo. In cases where relocation is necessary, Roblox will offer a severance package for terminated employees. Each remote worker has been contacted individually to discuss how this new policy will impact their role within the company.

Affected employees have until January 16, 2024 to decide whether they will remain with Roblox. Those who choose not to relocate will have an additional three months to find alternative employment. The severance package will vary depending on the employee’s level and terms of service, but it will cover six months of healthcare for each individual on the employee’s plan. It’s important to note that not all remote workers are affected by this policy change. Some teams and roles, such as data and call centers, will continue to operate remotely, and certain niche skill sets will still have the option to work from home.

Baszucki acknowledged the impact of this decision on employees and their families in the memo, stating, “We did not make this decision lightly, as we understand that the decision to move is significant, both for our employees and for their families and loved ones… ultimately, Roblox is an innovation company and we needed to get back to working in person. We were also concerned about many cohorts, such as our new college graduates and people early in their careers, who typically learn through social contact and would miss out on this mentorship. And of course this requires the presence of senior employees to provide that mentorship.”

The shift in policy marks a change of direction for Roblox, which had previously informed employees in May of last year that remote work would continue to be permitted. Interestingly, Roblox has recently introduced an in-game recruitment center where players can explore potential job opportunities within the company and even be interviewed for positions.

It’s worth noting that Ubisoft Montreal has also reversed its work-from-home policy, causing frustration among its employees.