10 Ways to Prepare for Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion

Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion Coming Soon: How to Prepare

Starfield players are eagerly awaiting the release of the Shattered Space expansion by Bethesda. If you’re excited about getting your hands on the new DLC, here are some steps you can take to prepare for its arrival.

Purchase Starfield Premium Edition

If you want access to the Shattered Space DLC, make sure you have one of the Premium versions of Starfield. Players on Xbox Game Pass will need to buy the upgrade for $34.99. For those who have already purchased the digital or physical premium edition or the Constellation edition, you’re all set.

Learn the Lore

Before diving into the new story expansion, familiarize yourself with the existing Starfield lore. Pay attention to the main story, side missions, and how they all connect. Understand the history of Constellation and why humanity left Earth. Get to know the timeline from 2050 to 2330.

Complete All Faction Quests and Missions

While it’s uncertain what the Shattered Space expansion will contain, rumors suggest it will explore the factions in Starfield. Complete all faction storylines to better understand where each stands. There might even be a new faction to discover!

Complete the Main Story Quests and Missions

As the new expansion likely continues the main story, complete all main story quests and missions beforehand. This will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the potential new stories that may be revealed.

Get into New Game Plus

If you’ve finished the main storyline, try out New Game Plus. It’s a good idea to explore the game further and potentially uncover more mysteries about Starfield, the Starborn, and the Unity.

Level Up and Upgrade Perks

Prepare yourself for bigger battles by leveling up and upgrading perks. Farm for XP by exploring planets and hunting creatures. Bethesda has confirmed that this DLC will be a “story expansion,” so expect challenging battles and inter-faction drama.

Get Resourceful

Collect resources while exploring distant planets. Store them in your ship or with your companion for future use. The new content may introduce outpost-related features, so having a good supply of resources will be beneficial.

Gear Up

Upgrade your weapons, helmets, and suits to be prepared for any fight that comes your way. Choose gear that enhances your combat abilities and provides helpful bonuses like increased O2 and stealth.

Design Yourself a Powerful Ship

Take the time to optimize your ship before the new DLC drops. Upgrade ship-related perks and design a powerful vessel equipped with the best weapons and specifications. Get ready for epic dogfights in Shattered Space!