How To Beat Kraven The Hunter In Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features an intense boss battle against Kraven that requires skill and strategy to overcome. This guide will provide you with tips and tricks to defeat Kraven and progress through the story. The fight against Kraven consists of two phases, each more challenging than the last. He utilizes a combination of close-range melee attacks and long-ranged projectiles, making the battle complex. Additionally, he can summon his pets to aid him in combat. However, with the following strategies, you can easily defeat him.

Phase 1: Understanding Kraven’s Moves

In the first phase, Kraven will attempt to hit you with various attacks. It’s crucial to be aware of his moves and how to counter them. Here are the moves you should watch out for:

  • Charge attack: Kraven charges at you with a lariat. Dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit.
  • Melee attacks: He unleashes a combo of punches and a kick. Dodge away from his strikes and seize the opportunity to attack him between his moves.
  • Smoke bomb: Kraven uses a smoke bomb to create distance and escape. Stay alert, as he can throw objects like his axe at you when you’re stunned.
  • EMP Mines: He throws EMP mines that flash yellow before turning red and getting struck by lightning. Quickly move away from them in the opposite direction to avoid taking damage.

Once you deplete Kraven’s health for the first time, a cutscene will trigger where he immobilizes Peter Venom using a Bell.

Phase 2: New Challenges

In the second phase, Kraven retains most of his attacks from the first phase, but he introduces some new moves. Keep an eye on the ringing bell, as it indicates your vulnerability. Use your web shooters to keep the bell in place. Here are the additional moves to watch out for:

  • Invisibility: Kraven becomes invisible and increases his speed. Look for a transparent silhouette to locate him. Dodge his attacks and counter when he reveals himself.
  • Axe throw: He swings around and hurls his axe at you.
  • Axe melee strikes: Kraven utilizes his axe to slash you.
  • Summon Dogs: Kraven summons two dogs to attack you. Handle them swiftly to focus on Kraven.
  • Sniping: Kraven climbs up a tree and shoots at you from a safe distance. Dodge the bullets or use trees as cover to approach and attack him.

Tips for Victory

To defeat Kraven more efficiently, consider employing these strategies:

  • Use Finishers: Fill up your focus bars quickly to unleash Finishers, dealing substantial damage to Kraven.
  • Perfect Parry: Master the art of perfect parrying to create distance between you and Kraven. This allows you to launch yourself at him and execute power combos.
  • Pay Attention to the Bell: In the second phase, the ringing bell can significantly impact the outcome of the fight. Regularly use your web shooters to keep the bell at bay.
  • Look for White Lines during Invisibility: Although Kraven becomes partially invisible, white lines will flash when he approaches to attack. Use these indications to dodge his moves effectively.

By implementing these strategies, you will increase your chances of defeating Kraven the Hunter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. For additional guides on acquiring Hero Tokens, Tech Parts, and disabling gliding rings, browse our comprehensive section dedicated to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. At our blog, Karan, a passionate gamer experienced in Soulsborne and FPS games, is ready to assist you with boss fights and share his expertise in various games.