How to complete the Jump! Jump! Jump! level in Fluff-puff Peaks in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Completing the Challenging Jump! Jump! Jump! Level in Fluff-puff Peaks

If you’re looking for a real challenge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, then the Jump! Jump! Jump! level in Fluff-puff Peaks is the one for you. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to complete this difficult level.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the Jump! Jump! Jump! level, you’ll start near a yellow pipe with a Wonder Flower waiting for you on your right. Your objective is to survive a timed race through a challenging gauntlet without falling into the pit.

If you happen to fall into the pit during the gauntlet, don’t worry. You won’t lose a life. Instead, you’ll drop to a lower area just ahead of a staircase that leads to a level flag. However, pulling down the flag won’t complete the level. To return to the higher point of the level, simply go through the pipe on your left and make another attempt at the gauntlet.

Once the Wonder Flower timer starts, give it a few seconds before new platforms appear in time with the beat. As you rush through the stage, the beat gradually speeds up. If you fall too far behind, platforms can vanish beneath you, causing you to fall into the pit. While collecting three Flower Coins along the way is beneficial, your main focus should be reaching the end of the gauntlet. If you have the Add ! Blocks booster, activate it for an extra advantage.

Smb Wonder Jump Jump Jump After First Large Wonder Coin
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you progress through the level, you’ll encounter a series of ledges with coins placed in a row. Once you grab the first large Wonder Coin, start running full-speed to the right. This is the section where the course really matters, so be prepared.

Hop quickly along the ascending platforms that lead to the second large Wonder Coin. Make small leaps and maintain a fast pace. Avoid holding the jump button too long as it will slow you down, but don’t tap too lightly either or you’ll bump into the next ledge. It may take some practice to get the timing right.

Smb Wonder Jump Jump Jump After Second Large Wonder Coin
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After obtaining the second large Wonder Coin, you’ll face a series of platforms with more vertical space between them. Make bigger leaps while maintaining your speed. Clear the front of each ledge to avoid losing time. Remember, momentum is crucial in this section, so keep moving at all costs.

Once you pass the ascending ledges, take a long leap to reach a higher bridge of ledges to your upper right. This is the final part of the course. Swiftly take long jumps while still moving right as fast as you can. The last few ledges vanish quickly, and if you have the Add ! Blocks booster enabled, they may just save you from a last-second fall.

As you reach the end of the disappearing platforms, you’ll receive a Wonder Seed. Climb the staircase, jump out to the flag, and pull it down to reveal a retainer who provides the stage’s second Wonder Seed. Upon completing the level, you’ll also unlock the Expert Badge Challenge – Spring Feet I area on the map. Congratulations on your achievement!

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