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In Souls-like games, the items players use in battle greatly contribute to their strength. Gear and accessories have a significant impact on their success in fights. One of the top-tier early-game melee items in Lords of the Fallen is the Pieta Sword. This guide will assist players in finding and obtaining this bladed weapon that deals strong Holy Damage.

The Pieta Sword

The Pieta Sword originally belonged to Pieta, one of the game’s bosses. It is considered one of the best weapons for the early stages of the game, particularly in the Umbral realm. It primarily deals radiant damage and can be upgraded up to level 5. While players will eventually replace this item later on, the Pieta Sword is still valuable to have in the early stages of the game.

As players gather more items, they will explore different areas at higher levels. Although it is the best weapon for the early game, it will eventually be replaced beyond the middle stages. It is worth noting that the Pieta boss fight is necessary to obtain the sword, but players must go out of their way to acquire it. Additionally, there is another version of this melee weapon that can be obtained by fulfilling specific conditions.

The Pieta Sword Attributes

To gauge the value of the Pieta Sword, it is important to examine its statistics and appreciate its strengths as an early-game weapon. Here are the attributes of the Pieta Sword:

  • Stat Requirement: Radiance (25) – The Pieta Sword has a low Radiance requirement, enabling players to use it at an earlier stage than most weapons. This makes it one of the best weapons to acquire at a low level.
  • Base Stats:
    • Attack Power +0 (Holy) – 69
    • Attack Power +1 (Holy) – 88
    • Attack Power +2 (Holy) – 107
    • Attack Power +3 (Holy) – 125
    • Attack Power +4 (Holy) – 144
    • Attack Power +5 (Holy) – 163
  • Weapon Type: Short Sword – The Pieta Sword is small, fast, and agile, making it ideal for close-quarters combat. Its compact size also results in less weight, allowing players to maintain mobility while wielding it.
  • Weapon Damage Type:
    • Holy (35%) – The Pieta Sword is most effective against undead enemies or those vulnerable to radiant damage.
    • Physical (28%) – The sword still possesses a respectable amount of Physical Damage against regular enemy types, providing the weapon with versatility against different mobs.
    • Fire (10%) – This weapon holds a slight advantage against enemies vulnerable to fire, such as trolls and giants.
    • Wither (10%) – The Pieta Sword is decent against bosses due to its small percentage of Wither, which gradually reduces the enemy’s HP over time.
  • Other Attributes:
    • Stability (18%) – This stat indicates the likelihood of the weapon being knocked out of the player’s hand. With an 18% rating, the Pieta Sword has low stability and can be easily disarmed.


The Pieta Sword possesses the ability to use Smite, which executes a burst of Holy Damage and adds an effect of vulnerability to enemies.


  • Lower Base Damage – The Pieta Sword has lower base damage compared to other short swords, making it less effective against enemies resistant to holy damage. Players are encouraged to upgrade it as soon as possible.
  • Short Range – Like most short swords, the Pieta weapon is ineffective in fights at mid to long-range. Its requirement for close proximity to enemies exposes users to more attacks.

How to Get the Pieta Sword

To obtain the Pieta Sword, players must purchase it from Molhu, located at Skyrest Bridge. However, there are three conditions that must be fulfilled before players are allowed to purchase the weapon. These requirements may be time-consuming, so players must be prepared to grind for an hour or two to complete them. Here are the conditions necessary to buy the sword:

  1. Defeat and Obtain Pieta’s Remembrance:
    – Start at the Cathedral of the Wicked’s hub.
    – Travel south through the Cathedral to the large room and find the Skyrest Bridge on the westernmost bridge.
    – Enter the Umbral World by using the Umbral Lamp.
    – Proceed west to find a large door leading to the Remembrance of Pieta.
    – Enter the domain and defeat Pieta to collect her Remembrance.
  2. Reach Radiance 25:
    – Radiance increases the effectiveness of holy spells and weapons, allowing players to equip stronger Holy items.
    – Players can enhance Radiance by leveling up and equipping specific items.
    – Allocate level-up points to Radiance to reach the required stat check or use certain items to increase RAD attributes.
  3. Collect 40 Umbral Scourings:
    – In the Umbral World, defeat enemies and loot chests to gather Umbral Scourings.

After completing all these requirements, players can purchase the Pieta Sword from Molhu.

Hidden Pieta Sword and Odd Stone Special Interaction

There are rumored quests that can unlock the true potential of weapons with Remembrances. The Pieta Sword is said to have a unique interaction with the Odd Stone after fulfilling several requirements. Here is how you unlock this special effect:

  1. Defeat the first beacon, boss, and do not cleanse the beacon.
    – Note that this will limit your ending options to Umbral and Inferno, but it is inevitable if you want to unlock the specific interaction.
  2. Reach the part where you must fight and defeat Pieta again to obtain the Remembrance.
  3. Obtain the Pieta Sword after defeating the boss.
  4. Head to the Lower Calrath in the Umbreal Realm and search for the Odd Stone.
  5. Upgrade both the Pieta Sword and Odd Stone to +5.
  6. Perform a combo attack to execute the Special Interaction.

The hidden ability to combine these two items allows players to add Radiance and Umbral damage to their combo attacks. This increases the weapon’s effectiveness in various situations, making it useful against enemies weak to RAD or UMB.

Pieta Sword and Elianne Sword Special Interaction

There is another interaction involving the Pieta Sword. To activate this unique effect, players must find Elianne’s Sword. Here is how this interaction works:

  1. Obtain the Pieta Sword after defeating the Remembrance of Pieta.
  2. Obtain Elianne’s Sword after defeating the Remembrance of Elianne.
  3. Equip the Pieta Sword on the right hand and Elianne’s Sword on the left.
  4. Initiate a standard dual sword combo attack animation.

The unique interaction will be triggered as soon as the combo is initiated, resulting in explosions of umbral splashes and radiant thorns from using both swords together. Unlike the previous interaction, this set is purely cosmetic. However, it still provides a unique visual effect.