Listen To A Soundtrack Preview For The Outlast Trials Now, Vinyl Release Details Announced

The Outlast Trials Soundtrack Streaming and Limited Vinyl Release Announced

The Outlast Trials, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, is not only a terrifying game but also features an immersive and spine-tingling soundtrack. Fans of the game can now look forward to streaming the soundtrack on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music starting October 25, just in time for Halloween. Additionally, Red Barrels, in collaboration with Laced Records, has unveiled a limited edition vinyl release of The Outlast Trials soundtrack.

The Outlast Trials Soundtrack Vinyl Release

Preorders for the limited edition “Bloodshed Red” double LP vinyl release of The Outlast Trials will go live on October 25. The vinyl set, specially mastered for vinyl, includes the complete 35-track soundtrack and comes with printed inner sleeves and a liner notes insert. The artwork for the vinyl release is created by the talented Red Barrels team.

The Terrifying Soundtrack

The haunting and atmospheric soundtrack of The Outlast Trials is composed by Tom Salta, known for his work on Deathloop, PUBG, and Halo. Salta expertly blends orchestral compositions with dark organic and synthetic textures, creating a score that perfectly captures the essence of fear and despair. The soundtrack features unnerving diegetic music, reminiscent of eerie mid-century styles, which enhances the overall experience of the game.

Speaking about his work on the game’s score, Salta expressed his love for horror and his passion for creating a nightmarish emotional dimension through music. He credits the guidance and encouragement of Francis Brus, the audio director, for allowing him to fully immerse himself in crafting a signature theme and musical tapestry that will haunt players for years to come.

Delivering a Sonic Experience

Francis Brus, the audio director of The Outlast Trials, emphasizes the integral role of Salta’s soundtrack in delivering a heart-pounding horror experience. He describes the soundtrack as a sonic experience that heightens every emotion, from spine-tingling tension to heart-pounding suspense.

Experience the Spine-Chilling Score

Get a taste of The Outlast Trials’ terrifying score in the video above, and look forward to the full release of the soundtrack on October 25. If you’re a collector or a fan of vinyl, you can now preorder the limited edition vinyl release of the soundtrack.

About The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials, set in the Cold War era, is the third installment in Red Barrels’ Outlast series. It takes players on a horrifying journey as test subjects in a sinister experiment. The game is available on PC via Early Access.

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