Is There a Difficulty Trophy in Spider-Man 2? Answered

Spider-Man 2: No Difficulty Trophy Required for Platinum

Hunting down achievements to obtain a platinum trophy has become a staple for PlayStation players. One of the most common achievements is the difficulty trophy, where you must beat the game in certain difficulty levels. With the release of Spider-Man 2, some players may wonder if they need to obtain difficulty achievements to get the platinum trophy.

Does Spider-Man 2 Have a Difficulty Trophy?

Good news! Spider-Man 2 does not feature any difficulty trophy. This may not come as a surprise for fans who have played the previous titles in the series. Both Spider-Man and Miles Morales also do not have any achievements tied to difficulty modes.

So, if you prefer to take it easy, you can obtain the platinum trophy while playing on the lowest difficulty setting. No need to be ashamed! After all, Spider-Man 2 is a single-player game and does not feature a multiplayer mechanic. You are free to ignore the purists, who insist on always beating a game on the hardest difficulty. Plus, you can even change the difficulty at any time during your playthrough on the fly and it won’t impact any trophies at all.

For your information, the game contains 42 trophies, which consist of one platinum, two gold, 17 silver, and 22 bronze. You can easily obtain the achievements tied to the story by beating the game, but you must put in some effort to get the exploration trophies.

For example, the Superior trophy requires you to gain 100 percent on all districts in the game. Besides fully exploring the areas, you also need to complete various events and beat up numerous bad guys.

The game also features achievements related to movements, such as the HangTen trophy. You can unlock this bronze achievement by performing 30 Air Tricks in a row without touching the ground. Or if you’re bad at it, you can get the Splat trophy, where you attempt and fail to perform a trick before ‘landing’ on the ground.

What Difficulty Settings Are There?

Upon first booting up the game, you’ll be given the choice between four different difficulty modes. Specifically:

  • Friendly Neighbourhood – Very easy mode where you cannot get knocked out by enemies
  • Friendly – Easy mode
  • Amazing – This is essentially Normal difficulty and offers a more balanced experience
  • Spectacular – Hard mode, with stronger and more aggressive enemies.

Once you’ve beaten the main story of Spider-Man 2, players will unlock an additional fifth difficulty mode, dubbed Ultimate difficulty, which is the most challenging setting in the entire game.

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