How to play co-op in Endless Dungeon

How to Play Co-op in Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon, the latest rogue-like game from Amplitude Studios, offers a unique blend of tower defense and twin-stick shooter genres. However, its true potential is realized when playing in co-op mode. While it is possible to play and complete the game solo, Endless Dungeon truly shines when you have a party of friends to join you. In this article, we will explore how co-op works in Endless Dungeon and provide you with some essential information to get started.

Co-op Mode and Matchmaking

One important thing to note about Endless Dungeon’s co-op mode is that it does not feature matchmaking. This means you won’t be able to match up with strangers online to experience the game. While this may be unfortunate for some, co-op is still a significant aspect of the game. Additionally, it’s important to mention that Endless Dungeon does not support offline multiplayer at all. Therefore, you will need an internet connection to play multiplayer.

Getting Started with Co-op

To begin playing co-op in Endless Dungeon, you will first need to complete the tutorial mission. Once done, navigate to the Main Menu and select the co-op option. If you want to host a session, choose the “Host” option, where you can create a room and invite your friends to join. When playing with friends, your progress will be shared.

Note that Endless Dungeon does not support crossplay between different platforms. This means PC players cannot play with console players. All players must be on the same system. Keep this in mind when planning your co-op adventures.


Endless Dungeon is now available on various platforms, including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

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