Slay the Princess: All achievements walkthrough

Slay the Princess: A Comprehensive Guide to Unlocking All Achievements

Are you determined to unlock all achievements in Slay the Princess? With a total of ninety-seven achievements to collect, it may seem like a daunting task. However, fear not! We’ve got you covered with this in-depth walkthrough. Follow our guide, and you’ll be able to conquer every achievement in no time.

The Spectre Route

To start off, let’s focus on the Spectre route. Here are the achievements you need to unlock:

  • An Evanescent Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Spectre to the Shifting Mound by letting her possess you and allowing her to leave or stabbing yourself.
  • The Exorcist: Let The Princess possess you, then stab yourself.
  • Heart-ripper: Provoke the Princess into killing you by repeatedly attempting to touch/slay her or refusing her request.
  • Hitchiker: Let the Princess possess you and leave the cabin.

The Nightmare Route

In the Nightmare route, you’ll encounter different challenges. Here are the achievements you can unlock:

  • A Terrifying Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Nightmare to The Shifting Mound by leaving the cabin with her.
  • A Scattered Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Moment of Clarity to the Shifting Mound by reaching the third chapter via trying to resist, but not slay, the Nightmare.
  • Terminal Velocity: Slay the Nightmare while on the stairs after agreeing to let her leave.
  • A World of Terror: Leave the cabin with The Nightmare.
  • A Monolith of Fear: Try to run away or refuse to help her.
  • No Exit: Slay the Nightmare at the bottom of the stairs.

The Wraith Route

Now let’s explore the Wraith route and the corresponding achievements:

  • A Seething Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Wraith to The Shifting Mound by trying to kill either the Nightmare or the Spectre.
  • The Exorcist III: Throw yourself into the void when the Wraith takes over your body.
  • The Passenger: Get possessed and leave the cabin.

The Damsel Route

Embark on the Damsel route and unlock the following achievements:

  • A Loving Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Damsel to The Shifting Mound by leaving the cabin with her.
  • An Idealized Vessel (Hidden): When you free the Damsel, interrogate her about what she wants until the Shifting Mound takes her.
  • Romantic Haze: Leave the cabin without killing her.
  • And they lived happily ever after: Complete the Damsel route by interrogating her until The Shifting Mound takes her.
  • Ladykiller: Slay the Damsel.

The Prisoner Route

In the Prisoner route, you’ll encounter distinct challenges. Here are the achievements tied to this route:

  • A Guarded Vessel (Hidden): Get yourself locked in by the shackle and wait for time to pass.
  • A Gratuitous Vessel (Hidden): Take the Princess’ head out of the cabin after giving her the knife.
  • Prison of the Mind: Inspect the shackle and get yourself chained by it.
  • Coldly Rational: Slay the Prisoner.
  • Restless Thoughts: Slay the Prisoner, then try to accept the Narrator’s reward.
  • Talking Heads: Give the Prisoner your knife.

The Grey Route

Now let’s uncover the achievements in the Grey route:

  • A Burning Vessel (Hidden): Complete the Grey route by killing the Damsel and delivering the vessel to The Shifting Mound.
  • A Mournful Vessel (Hidden): Complete the Grey route by killing the Prisoner and delivering the vessel to The Shifting Mound.
  • Burning down the house: Complete the Grey route by killing the Damsel.
  • And all this longing…: Complete the Grey route by killing the Prisoner.

The Adversary Route

Embark on the Adversary route and aim for the following achievements:

  • A Fierce Vessel (Hidden): Take the knife and fight The Adversary exactly as she wants you to.
  • A Tunneling Vessel (Hidden): Complete the route on The Eye of The Needle by fighting The Adversary differently than she asks for.
  • Strike me down…: Refuse to fight The Adversary and stick to your guns.
  • I didn’t hear no bell: Fight The Adversary unarmed, then refuse to give up.
  • That which cannot die cannot die: After attacking the Adversary as she wants, ask her about ‘getting it’, then take the free shot and stay downstairs.
  • That shouldn’t have worked: Stab her when she asks.
  • The blind leading the blind: Flee from The Eye of the Needle, lead her outside, then tell her she’s free now. Requires losing the previous fight.
  • A wide open field: Lure The Eye of the Needle outside, then attack her. Requires losing the previous fight.

The Tower Route

Unlock the achievements in the Tower route:

  • A Dominant Vessel (Hidden): Bring The Tower to The Shifting Mound by agreeing to free her.
  • A Godly Vessel (Hidden): Bring the Apotheosis to The Shifting Mound by defying the Tower.
  • The End of Something: Defy The Tower (easiest way is to resist her without the knife) and watch her become The Apotheosis.
  • Godkiller: Slay the Tower by taking the knife and defying her at every step.
  • Your Obedient Servant: Click the option to pledge yourself to The Tower.

The Fury Route

When following the Fury route, these achievements can be yours:

  • An Unwound Vessel (Hidden): Go through the Fury route by trying to kill The Tower or refusing to fight The Adversary.

The Beast Route

Let’s delve into the Beast route and unlock these achievements:

  • A Feral Vessel (Hidden): Get devoured by The Beast by standing still or talking to her, then tell her she can just leave with you.
  • A Wordless Vessel (Hidden): Bring The Den to The Shifting Mound by dodging The Beast.
  • Flight: Dodge The Beast at every turn, then on chapter three run away by luring her into the shadows.
  • Dissolving Will: Unlocks with A Feral Vessel.
  • Opossum: Play dead.
  • Freeze: You can only get this achievement if you’ve already done The Witch route and gotten The Wild through it. Pick any option besides to move when you come downstairs.
  • You can’t keep this up forever: Continue to dodge every time you’re given the opportunity.
  • Fight: Choose to fight the Princess with the knife.
  • Ahab: Bring the knife down and get devoured, then strike at the flesh on every round of choices.

The Witch Route

Embark on the Witch route and strive for these achievements:

  • An Untrusting Vessel (Hidden): Either backstab the Witch, get backstabbed by the Witch, or make her go first and get locked in the cabin.
  • A Thorny Vessel (Hidden): Give the Knife to The Witch, then play through the next route.
  • The Scorpion: Backstab The Witch with the knife on the way out of the cabin.
  • The Frog: Go first up the stairs and be attacked by The Witch.
  • Past Life Gambit: Give The Witch your knife.
  • Knives Out and Masks Off: Attack The Witch.
  • Playing it safe: Leave The Witch in the basement.
  • Turning Over a New Leaf: Free The Thorn.
  • True Love’s Kiss: Do the above, then pick the option to kiss her.
  • Trust Issues: Try to kill The Thorn.
  • Abandonment: Leave The Thorn behind.

The Wild Route

Proceed with the Wild route and strive for these achievements:

  • An Endless Vessel (Hidden): Go along with The Princess’ desire to bury the hatred in your heart.
  • A Wounded Vessel (Hidden): Gaze at the hatred in your heart.
  • A Glimpse of Something Bigger: Ditto as Endless Vessel.
  • The Wound: Gaze at the hatred in your heart, then kill it.

The Razor Route

Navigate through the Razor route with these achievements in mind: