Where to find Washakie in Starfield

Here’s a guide on how to locate the planet Washakie in Starfield. If you’re playing the Power from Beyond mission, you’ll need to find Washakie. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Starfield – Where to Find Washakie

In the Power from Beyond mission, you’ll be exploring different planets in search of anomalies. But you might be wondering where exactly Washakie is located. Well, the answer is simple – it’s in the Cheyenne system.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

On the Starmap, look to the upper right from Alpha Centauri, where the game starts, and you’ll find the Cheyenne system. You’ll be visiting this system multiple times throughout your adventure.

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Within the Cheyenne system, you’ll see Washakie just above the burned-out star at the center. It’s a small planet with a single moon called Smet. Washakie has valuable resources like Neon and Silver, while its moon, Smet, has Europium.

Starfield Meet Vladimir In The Lodge
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Having Trouble Finding Power on Washakie?

When you first arrive on Washakie as part of the Power from Beyond mission, there’s a chance you might encounter a bug. To successfully complete the mission, you’ll need to have conversations with Vladimir at various points, including on Washakie. Make sure to follow the mission’s components in the correct order and talk to Vladimir when directed to avoid any issues.

One important thing to note is that Vladimir moves around during the game. Sometimes, you’ll find him on The Key, while other times he’ll be in The Lodge. Just set the mission marker and it will guide you to his current location.

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