Who Is the Super Mario Bros Wonder Flower Voice Actor? Answered

Who Voices the Flowers in Super Mario Bros Wonder? Answered

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, the Flowers are beloved for their unique and memorable characters and amusing one-liners. But have you ever wondered who voices these friendly little fellows?

According to a post on Threads by VA Mick Wingert, he is responsible for the voice work of every one of the Flowers in Super Mario Wonder. With his talent, the Flowers have become a highlight feature for players, providing light-hearted humor and helpful remarks.

Mick Wingert’s portrayal of the Flowers strikes a perfect balance, adding comedy without becoming disruptive or obnoxious. This success in bringing these fun little plants to life has earned him praise from fans and players alike.

What Other Roles is Mick Wingert Known For?

Mick Wingert is a recognizable voice actor known for his work in various roles. He has voiced characters such as Heimerdinger from the Arcane animated series, Master Po in the Kung Fu Panda TV shows, Stanley McMillin in Starfield, Ludwig in The Cuphead Show, and The Joker in Batwheels. Now, he adds the lovable Flowers from Super Mario Bros Wonder to his impressive resume.

And that concludes our exploration of who voices the Flowers in Super Mario Bros Wonder. For more helpful guides on Mario Wonder and other gaming content, be sure to check out our articles below.

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