Destiny 2 – How to Stun Champions

How to Stun Champions in Destiny 2

Champions in Destiny 2 are tough enemies that appear in end-game activities. To defeat them, you must stun them first. There are different methods for stunning each type of Champion. In this guide, we’ll cover the best ways to stun Champions and share some tips you may not have known about.

Stunning Unstoppable Champions

Unstoppable Champions are relentless enemies that can quickly eliminate you. To stun them, you can use weapons with Anti-Unstoppable rounds or certain abilities. This season, Scout Rifles and Fusion Rifles have the Unstoppable Weapon Perk and are effective against Unstoppable Champions. For example, Riptide with the Chill Clip Perk is a fantastic choice as it can slow, freeze, and shatter various Champions.

There are also Exotic weapons like Malfeasance, Bastion, and Leviathan’s Breath that can stun Unstoppable Champions. Malfeasance is particularly powerful as its shots stick to the enemy and detonate, dealing massive damage. Additionally, certain abilities from Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Strand subclasses can blind, ignite, freeze, or suspend Unstoppable Champions, successfully stunning them.

Stunning Overload Champions

Overload Champions are agile enemies that teleport frequently. To stun them, you’ll need weapons with Anti-Overload rounds or specific subclasses. Hand Cannons and Machine Guns with Overload Shot buffs are effective this season. Thunderlord, Divinity, and Le Monarque are Exotic weapons that can stun Overload Champions.

Arc, Stasis, and Void subclasses each have abilities that can stun Overload Champions. Jolt abilities, freezing abilities, and Suppression effects respectively can stop the teleports of Overload Champions and render them vulnerable.

How to Stun Barrier Champions

Barrier Champions are unique enemies with powerful barriers that regenerate their health. To stun them, you’ll need to use Bows or Auto Rifles this season. Continuously damaging their barriers until they break is essential. Five Exotic Weapons with piercing damage can also stun Barrier Champions by breaking their barriers: Wish Ender, Eriana’s Vow, The Lament, Revision Zero, and Arbalest.

Certain subclasses have abilities that can stun Barrier Champions as well. Solar, Strand, and Void subclasses each have different methods for applying shield-piercing damage or stunning the champions.

These are the best methods for stunning Champions in Destiny 2. Did we miss any techniques? Do you have any other weapons to recommend? Let us know in the comments!