Dead Island 2 Haus Review

Haus DLC for Dead Island 2: A Promising Start

The first story DLC for Dead Island 2 this year is Haus, with the Sola Festival scheduled for release in Q2 2024. Haus explores the stranger side of Dead Island 2’s world, offering a unique experience for players. Let’s dive into my review of Haus and see what it has to offer.

A Promising Start

Haus has the task of standing out from the base game of Dead Island 2, which is no easy feat. The initial impressions of Haus are positive, as it takes players on a journey to a Malibu estate once ruled by a death cult. The darkly lit neon hallways and bizarre rooms create a unique atmosphere that sets Haus apart from the main game. Fighting zombies dressed in strange outfits adds to the creepiness factor. If you’re looking for something eerie, Haus delivers.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Although the initial impressions are positive, Haus falls short in terms of content. It only offers four areas to explore, and they are not particularly large or dense with things to discover. It lacks depth and fails to delve further into the bizarre death cult theme. However, the DLC strikes a good balance in terms of difficulty, ensuring an enjoyable experience without overly challenging encounters.

New Weapons and Gameplay

Haus introduces the Crossbow as the main addition to the weapon lineup. While it deals significant damage with headshots, it has a slow reload time and limited ammo, making it less suitable for intense combat. The Crossbow provides a stealthy gameplay alternative to melee weapons and adds variety to the gameplay experience. Additionally, players can solve quick environmental puzzles, known as “brain” puzzles, to progress through the DLC.

Aside from the Crossbow, Haus also includes the Hog Roaster, an Axe-type weapon with a pig mascot, and the Dead Islands, a new Mace. There are also new Skill Cards that offer additional perks. However, the lack of unique weapons and content specific to Haus is a disappointment.

Cutting Things Short

Haus is a relatively short DLC, taking around three hours to complete. The core storyline alone is only two hours long, leaving little time for narrative development and resolution. The abrupt conclusion of the main story is underwhelming. Despite glimpses of brilliance and connections to the main game’s plot, the brevity of Haus diminishes its potential impact.

Dead Island 2 Haus 4
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Haus lacks new enemy types and fails to offer fresh challenges for players. However, the DLC has its moments, providing a creepy and twisted experience within the estate. It embraces a more spooky approach to the zombie apocalypse, which is a refreshing change.

Overall, Haus falls short of expectations. While it incorporates elements that players love from Dead Island 2, it fails to deliver a standout experience. If you are already a fan of the base game, you may find enjoyment in Haus. However, if you were expecting something more substantial, Haus may leave you wanting more.

The Haus DLC for Dead Island 2 will be released on November 2.