Who voices Conduit in Apex Legends?

Who is the voice actor for Conduit in Apex Legends?

After a long wait for new heroes in Apex Legends, fans were thrilled to meet Conduit, the latest playable character. But one question has been on everyone’s mind: Who voices Conduit?

Conduit made her spooky debut on Halloween, confirming the rumors that a new hero was on the way. She is the newest addition for Season 19. The voice behind Conduit is Frankie Kevich, a Filipino-Polish actor. While she is new to video game voice acting, Kevich has previously worked primarily on children’s TV shows.

This is a big opportunity for Kevich, as she now joins the ranks of one of the world’s biggest free-to-play games. Her voice will be heard by players for many seasons to come, solidifying Conduit’s presence in Apex Legends.

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Who is Conduit?

The newest addition to Apex Legends, Conduit, has a dark and intriguing backstory. Her journey began when she was just a child, known as Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina.

During the uprising to overthrow the monarchy, a titan came to defend Rowenna and her family. Sacrificing itself, the titan became a symbol of hope and resistance for Rowenna and their community.

As time passed, Rowenna saw her family struggling and took it upon herself to provide for them. Using the titan’s armor and battery, she constructed an exosuit and transformed into Conduit. With her new powers, she entered the battle arenas, winning money and gaining fame. However, this fame came at a cost.

The radiation from the exosuit significantly shortens Conduit’s lifespan in Apex Legends. Despite the risks, she caught the attention of the Apex Games and received an invitation. Now, she is at the top of her game, facing off against the best in the business. But what will it ultimately cost her?

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