Stardew Valley – How to Get Fiber

How to Obtain Fiber in Stardew Valley

Fiber is an essential resource in Stardew Valley for farmers who want their crops to thrive. Although it may not seem valuable at first, Fiber becomes increasingly important as you progress in the game. This article will guide you on how to acquire Fiber and utilize it effectively.

What to Do With Fiber

When starting out in Stardew Valley, Fiber may not appear to have much significance. However, it becomes more relevant as you delve deeper into the game. For instance, Hay is a crucial item needed to feed your animals. To obtain Hay, you either have to purchase it from Marnie’s Ranch or cut tall grass. The growth of tall grass is random, which means you have no control over it. Luckily, you can buy a Grass Starter recipe from Pierre’s store. This grass patch slowly expands on your farm, allowing you to grow grass and, consequently, produce Hay. Crafting Grass Starter requires 10 Fiber. Scarecrows are another important item that requires Fiber, with 20 Fiber needed for their construction. Due to its multiple uses, it is advisable to collect and store a significant quantity of Fiber in your chests.

How to Get Fiber in Stardew Valley

There are three reliable methods to obtain Fiber in Stardew Valley:

  1. Cutting Weeds
  2. Growing Fiber Seeds
  3. Trading Stone with the Desert Trader

Cutting Weeds

The most common way to collect Fiber is by cutting Weeds. Using any tool in your inventory, there is a 50% chance of obtaining Fiber each time you cut down Weeds. The Scythe is the recommended tool due to its speed and efficiency. Weeds are different from tall grass, which produces Hay. Weeds resemble crops that grow on individual tiles, while tall grass spreads quickly and contains small flowers. Although new Weeds appear on the farm, they are usually cleared out too swiftly to yield a significant amount of Fiber. The Mines, particularly floors 25 to 29 and levels 81 to 109, are the best locations for an abundance of Weeds. By repeatedly entering and exiting the Mines, you can exploit the magically spawning Weeds and gather a substantial supply of Fiber. This allows you to concentrate on cutting Weeds on your farm worry-free and then visit the Mines for a quick exploration session.

Growing Fiber Seeds

If you prefer to have control over your resources, consider growing Fiber Seeds. These seeds take 7 days to mature and can yield 4 to 7 Fiber when harvested. The advantage of Fiber Seeds is that they do not require watering and can grow during Winter. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase Fiber Seeds from Pierre or JojaMart. To acquire them, you must complete a special order for Linus, which involves discarding 20 trash items into the bin at the train station. These special orders are unique missions that do not repeat. Fall 2 is when the special orders board appears in front of Mayor Lewis’ mansion. Since the orders are randomized, you need to check the board regularly to see if Linus’ request has appeared. Completing this order grants you a recipe for crafting Fiber Seeds using Mixed Seeds, Sap, and Clay. Cutting Weeds often provides Mixed Seeds, thereby bringing you closer to growing your own Fiber on the farm without having to rely solely on the Mines for supply.

Trading Stone for Fiber

Calico Desert is an excellent location in Stardew Valley, as it grants access to the Skull Cavern and introduces you to the Desert Trader. The Desert Trader is particularly useful if you need Fiber quickly, as you can trade one of the easiest-to-obtain resources: Stone. On Tuesdays, the Desert Trader offers 1 Fiber in exchange for 5 Stone. This trade is highly advantageous, requiring only the time to travel to the Desert. To unlock Calico Desert, complete the Vault Community Center Bundles that become available after completing your first four bundles. This bundle collection is relatively easy to complete since it only involves donating money. Similar to joining JojaMart, contributing approximately 40,000 gold repairs the bus, allowing you to access the Desert for a small fee of 500 gold.

That concludes our comprehensive guide on obtaining Fiber in Stardew Valley! If you have any suggestions or input, please share them in the comment section below.