WarioWare: Move It! Review – IGN

Chaotic Fun: WarioWare: Move It! Delivers Hilariously Absurd Minigames

Like an “Oops, All Minigames!” version of Mario Party, WarioWare: Move It! continues the series’ tradition of delivering a fast-paced and chaotic experience filled with hundreds of ridiculous microgames. Whether you’re squeezing your feline legs together to catch a leaping fish or returning curtsies as a pretty anime lady, Move It!’s over-the-top silliness is guaranteed to make everyone at your house party fall over laughing.

While the motion control accuracy of the Joy-Con may not always meet the challenges of the game, the sheer speed and weirdness of Move It! more than make up for it. The multiplayer modes in particular showcase some of the series’ most creative gameplay, and moments like plucking the longest hairs out of a giant nose add to the hilarity.

Move It! doesn’t focus much on its story, with a shallow “Wario goes tropical” premise. But let’s be honest, who needs a deep story when you can compete to pluck hairs out of a giant nose?

Unique and Surprising Minigames

In Move It!, you’ll find a wide variety of unique and surprising minigames that take full advantage of the Switch’s Joy-Con motion controls. The clever use of the IR motion cameras and the various ways in which you interact with the controllers add to the game’s creativity. Though there are some filler and simplistic games, the bizarre and amusing ones still manage to keep players entertained and laughing.

Limitations of the Switch’s Motion Controls

While the Switch’s motion control technology mostly keeps up with the frantic demands of Move It!, there are moments where the limitations become apparent. Particularly in more challenging single-player activities and competitive multiplayer sessions, the accuracy of the Joy-Cons can be a bit finicky. However, this doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

Short-Lived Experience

One downside of Move It! is that after a few hours, you’ll likely recognize most of the games, making the novelty wear off quickly. With over 200 microgames, it offers a decent amount of content, but the repetitive nature of the gameplay can lead to a short-lived experience.

Engaging Multiplayer Modes

Move It! shines in its multiplayer modes, with a range of inventive and engaging options. From cooperative minigames to competitive battles to modes that require clever deception, the multiplayer keeps the fun going long after you’ve seen all the microgames. Some modes may miss the mark, but overall, they successfully extend the game’s lifespan and keep players entertained.