Monster Hunter Exoprimal Crossover Date Set, Boss Fight Detailed

Exoprimal Trailer Reveals Monster Hunter Crossover Release Date

A new trailer for Exoprimal has unveiled the release date for Capcom’s highly anticipated Monster Hunter crossover, as well as providing a glimpse into the exciting boss fight that fans can expect.

The crossover event will kick off with Season 3 of Exoprimal on January 18, 2024. Players can look forward to a thrilling mission featuring a Rathalos boss fight, along with a collection of new Monster Hunter Exosuit skins, including four unique armor sets.

What to Expect from the Monster Hunter and Exoprimal Crossover

The crossover collaboration brings even more exciting content to the game. One of the highlights is a new mission that allows up to 10 players to venture into the Spacetime Abyss and face off against the formidable “King of the Skies” Rathalos. By defeating this mighty creature, players can earn various rewards. Here are the crossover-themed rewards players can collect:

  • Rathalos armor skin (Murasame)
  • Kirin armor skin (Skywave)
  • Nergigante armor skin (Barrage)
  • Rajang monster skin (Roadblock)

In addition to the Monster Hunter collaboration, Exoprimal Season 3 also introduces a new boss encounter with the Neo Triceratops. Players can expect new maps, rigs, modules, and more in this exciting content update.