Who Will Win A Fight Between Peter & Miles In Spiderman 2?

Ever since the release of Insomniac’s “Miles Morales” in 2020, there has been a debate among players about who is the better Spider-Man between Peter and Miles. While some argue that Peter is weaker than Miles due to his lack of electric powers, the events of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” have forced everyone to reconsider their opinions. Choosing a winner between the two is difficult, as there are several factors to consider.

Miles Morales’ Rise

Miles Morales has quickly made a name for himself and has shown great potential. We are all aware of what he is capable of. On the other hand, we have Peter Parker, known for his ability to overcome any challenge. In a comic or death battle, it would be easier to determine a winner. However, in the context of the “Spider-Man 2” game, this becomes a tough comparison.

Having completed “Spider-Man 2,” we are prepared to share our insights on who would win between Miles and Peter. Please note that this article contains major spoilers about the game, so if you haven’t played it yet, it is recommended to do so first.

Peter vs Miles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Firstly, there is a mini-boss fight between the two Spider-Men in the game. In this fight, players control Miles as he faces a Symbiote-infected Peter. Although Miles defeats the original Spider-Man, it is important to note the circumstances of the battle. Peter wasn’t fully in control of himself during the fight, as the Venom Symbiote had taken over his body. This is one of the reasons why Peter couldn’t give his full strength against Miles.

Instead of relying on this boss battle to determine a clear winner, we should focus on Peter and Miles’ overall feats, experience, and skills. Both Spider-Men have their unique strengths and abilities. While Miles benefits from his electric powers, Peter has years of experience as Spider-Man. He is faster and has better control over his Spider-sense. However, Miles is still discovering his full potential and can potentially match Peter with time and dedication.

It’s worth noting that Peter holds back his punches. If he were to unleash his full strength, there is a high chance he could overpower Miles. The probability of victory between the two superheroes fluctuates, but based on what we have seen, Miles appears stronger than Peter in the Insomniac Universe. This is not only due to his electric powers but also because he has been a reliable ally to Peter in challenging situations.

Who is the Better Spider-Man?

In the Insomniac Universe, Miles has a slight advantage over Peter in terms of skills and abilities. However, the city needs a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man who understands it well, and in this case, Peter fills that role. He is emotionally mature and knows how to handle situations without resorting to combat. The debate about who is the better Spider-Man can continue endlessly, but as fans, we should appreciate and enjoy these characters as they are portrayed.

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