How to avoid suspicion in Little Goody Two Shoes

If you want to ensure your safety in the village of Little Goody Two Shoes, it’s crucial to avoid suspicion and keep a low profile. Here are some tips and strategies to help you navigate through the game without raising any eyebrows.

Complete tasks and play mini-games

To maintain a low level of suspicion, actively participate in the daily tasks and mini-games offered by the community. These tasks are designed to be engaging and fun, allowing you to accumulate Tiffel, the in-game currency, and keep the overall suspicion of the village to a minimum.

Image: PC Invasion

Pick the right dialogue choices

Choosing the appropriate dialogue options is another essential strategy for avoiding suspicion and preventing yourself from being disliked by the villagers. Save your progress regularly, especially before important story quests and romantic encounters, so you can select the most appropriate response and maintain a positive rapport with the townsfolk.

Little Goody Two Shoes Avoid Suspicion Dialogue Choices
Image: PC Invasion

Give Muffy what she asks for

Muffy, a curious and gossip-prone character, plays a significant role in the game. To prevent her from revealing your secrets, you’ll need to fulfill her demands, which may include items like bread, grape juice, or pretzels. Make sure to explore the game world thoroughly and hold onto any free food items you come across, as they may be useful in appeasing Muffy and keeping suspicion levels down.

Little Goody Two Shoes Avoid Suspicion Muffy
Image: PC Invasion

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By following these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the world of Little Goody Two Shoes without arousing suspicion or raising any alarms. Embrace your adventure with Rozenmarie while keeping your true nature hidden from the villagers. Remember, you have nothing to hide!