FFXIV – How to Desynth Items

How to Get Rare Materials with Desynthesis in Final Fantasy XIV

When playing Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll often come across items that you don’t need. However, these items can be valuable if you know how to utilize desynthesis.

Desynthesis is a crafting skill that allows you to break down unused items and obtain rare materials. To get started, you’ll need a crafter at level 30.

How to Desynth in Final Fantasy XIV

Desynthesis in FFXIV involves breaking down items into semi-random materials. The materials you receive depend on the item and your skill level.

To desynth an item, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the item in your inventory.
  2. Click “Desynthesis.”

If you don’t see the option to desynth an item, it means that either the item cannot be desynthed or you haven’t completed the quest to unlock the desynthesis feature.

What Can You Desynth?

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Fish
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry

Leveling Desynthesis

Each crafter has a unique desynthesis level that can only be increased through the process. There are no set rules on which class can desynth which type of item.

To check your desynthesis levels, go to your character screen and hover over the class to see the desynth skill at the bottom.

The higher your desynth level for a class, the better materials you’ll obtain from the desynth process. It’s important to note that you don’t have to equip the proper crafter class to desynth an item. You can use Desynthesis with any class, even a combat class.

Desynth Quest

  • Quest – Gone to Pieces
  • Location – Ul’dah (14-10)
  • NPC – Synth
  • Requirements – Crafter level 30 and Life Materia and Everything MSQ

The only desynth quest in the game is called “Gone to Pieces.” This simple quest will introduce you to two NPCs who will teach you the desynthesis trade.

While you need to be level 30 to use the desynth skill, you only need to complete the quest once to unlock it for all crafters.

Desynth Tips

Desynthesis in FFIXV is straightforward, but there are ways to improve your progress and obtain the best materials from your items.


ItemEffectHow To Learn RecipeCrafter (to make)
Bacon BrothDesynthesis Skill Gain +10
Reduced Durability Loss +4
Master Culinarian IICulinarian
Tinker’s CalmDesynthesis Skill Gain +30Master Alchemist IIAlchemist

There are two consumable items that can aid in leveling desynth skills faster. The Bacon Broth and Tinker’s Calm both provide the same effect, although Tinker’s Calm is more beneficial.

Wait or Go For It?

One of the challenges of desynthesis is deciding which items to desynth. The good news is that you cannot fail a desynth. If your skill level is too low, you simply won’t receive valuable materials.

Consider not desynthing an item if you want to use it, sell it, or if you want to wait until you have a higher skill level.

The Title

After desynthing 5000 items, you’ll earn the title “Disassembler.” While it may sound like a lot, if you regularly desynth unwanted items, it will add up quickly.


Although there are rare drops from desynthing, the main ingredient you’ll obtain is demimateria. There are around twenty demimateria in the game, all of which can be acquired through desynthesis. Some rare items require demimateria for crafting.

For example, crafting Moogle Weapons and Nightsteel Tools requires demimateria. If you obtain any demimateria, check the price on the market board, as it may be valuable.

Now that you know how to desynth in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s time to start breaking down those unwanted items. Share your rarest desynth find in the comments below!