You can pickpocket every NPC in Star Ocean The Second Story R

How to Pickpocket in Star Ocean The Second Story R

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, players have the ability to pickpocket every single NPC in the game once they unlock the Pickpocketing specialty. This unique feature is just one of the many systems that the specialty system will unlock.Keep reading to learn how to unlock the Pickpocketing specialty and some important things to keep in mind while pickpocketing.

Necessary Requirements

In order to pickpocket in Star Ocean The Second Story R, players will need to meet a few necessary requirements:

  • Have the Pickpocket specialty unlocked
  • Obtain one of two specific items: the Thief’s Glove or the Magician’s Glove
  • Have the Talent Nimble Fingers

The Thief’s Glove can be obtained as soon as players leave Krosse city at the beginning of the game. It is advisable to have enough money to purchase it early on. As for the Talent Nimble Fingers, it is crucial to possess this talent in order to have any chance of pickpocketing. This talent can be obtained by starting the game with it or by using specialties, such as the crafting specialty.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now You Can Pickpocket Everyone! But Be Warned…

With the Pickpocket specialty unlocked, the necessary items obtained, and the Talent Nimble Fingers in possession, players can freely pickpocket every NPC in Star Ocean The Second Story R, including party members in PA mode. However, it’s important to note that pickpocketing lowers friendship with the group. Although there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent this, players can raise friendship by using books obtained from the super specialty Publication. These books can also be used to lower friendship if needed.

Star Ocean The Second Story R is available on Steam. For more information and articles, visit our other content.