Haze Piece Electro Fighting Style Location & Moveset

In the popular Roblox game Haze Piece, there is a powerful fighting style called Electro that is equally as strong as Black Leg. Many fans of the One Piece anime series enjoy playing this game, as it allows them to defeat challenging bosses, complete quests, earn rewards, and level up by upgrading their skills and abilities. Learning a new fighting style, such as Electro, can greatly enhance your character’s abilities and help you defeat enemies more easily. Follow this guide to discover the location of Electro and unlock this powerful skill in the game.

How to Obtain Electro in Haze Piece

Source – Nikkolapz on YouTube

Getting the Electro fighting style is a straightforward process, but it’s important to ensure that you have enough in-game currency and have reached at least Level 2200. If you haven’t reached this level, you won’t be able to access the Second Sea, where Electro is obtainable. Once you meet these requirements, locate the Udon Prison Island. Upon entering this area, you’ll notice large pipe-like structures. Head towards the left, climb the giant blocks, and search for an NPC named Carol (Electro Trainer).

Interact with Carol, and she will offer you the Electro fighting style for the price of $450,000. If you have enough funds, accept the offer, and the Electro fighting style will be added to your character instantly.

All Electro Moves in Haze Piece

Upon obtaining the Electro fighting style, you will unlock four powerful moves:

  • Electric Tackle (Stat Lvl 30)
  • Mink Discharge (Stat Lvl 60)
  • Electric Slam (Stat Lvl 90)
  • Electro Mode (Stat Lvl 120)

Now you know how to obtain the Electro Fighting Style in Haze Piece. If you are interested in learning how to obtain all the swords and the Operational Blade in the game, be sure to check out our other article on Gamer Tweak.