All 10 weapons and items locations

Crash Site MW3 Collectathon Guide: All 10 Weapons and Items Locations

Looking to conquer the challenging campaign collectathons in MW3? One of the most demanding missions is Crash Site, but fear not! With a stealthy approach, you can discover all the hidden prizes. Read on to find out where to locate all 10 weapons and items in Crash Site Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).

How to Find All 10 Weapons and Items in Crash Site MW3

If your goal is simply to obtain the rewards, I highly recommend tackling this mission on Recruit difficulty. Enemies are easier to handle, which brings me to my second suggestion. Although enemies constantly respawn, you can eliminate most of them from a safe distance. While this method is optional, it will definitely make your life easier.

All Weapon and Item Locations in Crash Site MW3

Image: PC Invasion

To easily pinpoint the location of each item, refer to the map above. Each number on the map corresponds to the list below:

  1. Custom Bolt Rifle – Silenced Victus XMR
  2. Custom Assault Rifle – Kastov 762
  3. Field Upgrade: Heartbeat Sensor
  4. Custom Semi Auto Rifle – Crossbow
  5. Custom LMG – Incediary RAAL MG
  6. Custom Shotgun – Incendiary Lockwood 680
  7. Field Upgrade – Armor Box
  8. Custom Assault Rifle – Silenced M4
  9. Custom Semi-Auto Rifle – Silenced SA-B 50
  10. Field Upgrade – Munitions Box

Most of the items can be found in large orange boxes and are fairly easy to locate. However, a couple of them may pose a challenge:

Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Crash Site: All 10 weapons and items locations
Image: PC Invasion

The Heartbeat Sensor (#3) appears to be inside the building on the map, but it’s actually located outside next to the wall in a small supply box.

Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Crash Site: All 10 weapons and items locations
Image: PC Invasion

Another tricky item is the Silenced SA-B 50 (#9). Although the map suggests it’s located inside a building, you’ll actually find it on the roof. Since there are no stairs, you’ll need to vault onto the box in the picture above and then over the ledge.

If you haven’t eliminated the nearby Konni Guards, climbing onto the roof may attract their attention. Be prepared to shoot back if they become alerted.

Crash Site is a relatively small map, so collecting all ten items should be a breeze. You’ll have sniper support during this mission, although he’s not the quickest scoper and takes his time. To clear out the map effortlessly, stick to the edges and take shots into the middle. This strategy provides plenty of cover, allowing you to explore at your leisure.

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