Modern Warfare 3 is launching with more than 1,700 weapon camos

Includes Over 1,700 Weapon Camos: Modern Warfare 3 Launches with an Impressive Collection

In an exciting update from the Call of Duty blog, it has been revealed that Modern Warfare 3 will introduce a staggering number of weapon camos for players to collect – more than 1,700 to be exact. This news is sure to delight completionists, who will have a plethora of options to unlock and showcase their personal style in the game.

Unlock Your Style: Unparalleled Variety of Weapon Camos in MW3

Although the COD blog’s article on weapon camos may have initially appeared convoluted, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that Modern Warfare 3 offers an unprecedented selection of these unique cosmetic enhancements. Moreover, the ways in which players can acquire these camos have been expanded to provide more opportunities for customization.

A Detailed Breakdown: Discover the Camo Options in MW3

To provide clarity, let’s break down the numbers. Each primary weapon and handgun in MW3 comes with eight base camos. Four of these camos can be unlocked through multiplayer gameplay, while the remaining four are obtained by playing the Zombies mode. This adds up to a total of 18 new base camos in MW3.

Furthermore, MW3 maintains a carry forward system from its predecessor, MW2, which means that the 14 base camos from MW2 will also be available for unlocking in MW3 via multiplayer and Zombies mode. Taking into account the 18 base MW3 camos and the 14 base MW2 camos, players will have a grand total of 32 camos to choose from and utilize.

The Multiply Effect: Extensive Camo Options for Every Weapon

Considering the multitude of available camos and the number of weapons across MW2 and MW3, players will have access to a staggering 834 unique combinations. These are the weapon camos that will be available at launch, with the possibility of more being added in the future.

But wait, there’s even more! Modern Warfare 3 introduces Completionist Camos, which can be unlocked by completing multiplayer and/or Zombies challenges after obtaining the base camo for a specific weapon. With the inclusion of Completionist Camos and taking into account the weapons in MW2 and MW3, the total number of weapon camos at launch reaches an impressive 912.

A Grand Total: Unlocking the Extensive Arsenal of Camos

Based on my calculations, the final count of weapon camos in Modern Warfare 3 at launch is estimated to be a whopping 1,746. It is important to keep in mind that not all of these camos are unique to every weapon, as there are over 45 camos that are applicable to all weapons in the game. However, this still leaves players with an incredible variety of unlockable camos to pursue and show off their individuality.

While the exact details of where to find these camos and how to obtain them may not be crystal clear at the moment, we can rest assured that once we get our hands on COD, all will be revealed. It is worth mentioning that the Call of Duty blog post acknowledges that these totals are estimations and that the number of camos will continue to grow as more weapons are introduced and additional operator bundles become available.

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