Aloalo Island – All Routes and Rewards

Aloalo Island Guide: How to Tackle the Variant Dungeon in FFXIV

Aloalo Island is a Southern Sea Islands themed Variant Dungeon in FFXIV with Matsya as your companion. To get all of the routes and catch some fish along the way, here’s the complete guide to Aloalo Island.

Aloalo Island All Routes

For how to unlock Aloalo Island, see here. Make sure your party composition has ideal variant actions (spirit dart for tanks/healers, cure and raise as needed, etc) and queue in to the dungeon.

Left Path

The left route takes you through a cavern down to the beaches of Aloalo, full of fish and other creatures.

  • First pull: Four Paddle Biters, two Uragnite using the conal AoE Palsynyxis.
  • Second pull (Sunny weather): Two Anala with a circle AoE called Flame dance, and four crabs.

… other pulls and encounters…

Fish to your Heart’s Content

You’ll be prompted to choose between two types of bait.

  • Patch of Sand: Leads to route three and spawns two Zaratan with a half circle AoE Sewer Water.
  • Mound of Rocks: Leads to route four and spawns two Ogrebon instead, with a line AoE called Flounder which also deals knockback.

Sixth pull: Three Khalamari followed by one ray with a line AoE called Hydrocannon.

Left Path Boss: Ketuduke

A revered sky whale of the island. For some reason, it’s mad at you.

  • Tidal Roar: Raid-wide.
  • Spring Crystals: Summons crystals around the arena.

… other mechanics and route-specific details …

Center Path

The center path takes you up into the treetops of Aloalo Island.

  • First pull: Five Worms that deal a conal AoE called Poison Breath. It will poison you.
  • Second pull: Three Nepenthes and a Gigantitoad with a conal AoE called Languid Leap.

… other pulls and encounters…

Center Path Boss: The Lala

A remnant of the complex Arcanima constructs developed on Aloalo Island, it considers you an intruder.

  • Inferno Theorem: Raid wide. Always goes off after Arcane Plot.
  • Patch of Sand: Leads to route three and spawns two Zaratan with a half circle AoE Sewer Water.

… other mechanics and route-specific details …

Right Path

The right path goes through the grassland areas of Aloalo Island and beyond.

  • First pull: Four Hamsa.
  • Second pull: Five Ochus and a Deadly Coconut, with the circle AoE Nut Job.

… other pulls and encounters…

By following these routes and defeating the bosses and creatures along the way, you can successfully navigate Aloalo Island and enjoy everything it has to offer.