The Invincible: a Mind-Boggling, Hard Sci-Fi Adventure Set in a Retrofuture Timeline

Introducing The Invincible: A Unique Sci-Fi Adventure

The Invincible is a hard sci-fi adventure game set in a unique, retrofuturistic world that redefines everything you know about the human species, the universe, and yourself. You play as Yasna, a highly professional astrobiologist sent on a scientific mission to the eerie and unexplored planet Regis III. Upon waking up on the planet’s surface, Yasna realizes her crew is missing, and with the help of her astrogator Novik, she must find her lost crewmates and uncover the mystery of this desolate planet.

Your journey in The Invincible will incorporate the use of atom-powered and analogue devices, driving a rover, and interacting with different robot companions to aid your investigation. Your story as Yasna will vary depending on both your gameplay and dialogue choices, shaping your relationships, world-views, and the outcomes with one of the 11 possible endings.

Prepare for your mission on Regis III to be filled with scientific phenomena and difficult moral dilemmas as you confront a rival human faction and your own fears. This mission will be a turning point for rethinking everything known about the human species, its ambitions, and its place in the evolutionary pyramid.

The Invincible draws its core storyline from the 1964 novel of the same title, written by famous Polish futurologist Stanisław Lem. The game uses atompunk technologies mentioned in the book and reimagines the main characters to offer a fresh perspective on the story. All atompunk machines and devices present in the game are designed based on NASA materials and engineer blueprints from the 1950s, inspired by various sci-fi classics. The overall game design was also influenced by the works of Stalenhag, Chriss Foss, Syd Mead, and interior designers from the past.

The Invincible offers a cosmic experience that promises immersion in a world of mind-boggling phenomena, moral challenges, and fears that reach deep into our collective consciousness. It is a nostalgic adventure in space backed by hard science, inviting players to explore the eerie land of Regis III as they put on their spacesuit and engage in the adventure of a lifetime.

About The Game

– Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

– Price: $29.99

– Features a highly qualified, sharp-witted astrobiologist named Yasna

– Explore uncharted territory on the planet Regis III

– Immerse yourself in the atompunk universe using various tools and driving vehicles

– Encounter different creatures and make game-changing decisions

– The Invincible is based on the iconic novel ‘The Invincible’ by Stanisław Lem

Join us on this captivating adventure and see what mysteries await you!