Attack on Titan Ending Explained

Understanding the Conclusion of Attack on Titan

To grasp the conclusion of Attack on Titan, it’s essential to explore the major points of the ending and how Eren was able to alter the past and future in the series. This guide will provide an explanation of the poignant events that take place, offering a clearer understanding of the conclusion.

How Attack on Titan Ends, Explained

Attack on Titan concludes with the remnants of the Survey Corps and the Marley Warriors working together to stop Eren’s worldwide rumbling plan. Eventually, Mikasa strikes the finishing blow, killing Eren and freeing the Eldians from the Titan’s curse.

Afterward, Armin confronts Eren’s consciousness in a separate reality formed by Ymir, where Eren explains his vision for the future to escape prejudice and experience true freedom. Eren positioned himself as the enemy of the world to enable this reality, triggering the Rumbling to solidify proof that Eldians would stand against the true enemy of the world.

The story then skips ahead three years, showing the world still at war due to nationalists within Paradis Island. However, most Eldians are now able to enjoy a normal life, and Mikasa finds closure regarding Eren’s death.

How Eren Was Able to Alter the Past and Future

One of the significant conundrums that arise from the Attack on Titan Ending is how Eren could manipulate events in the past without being there himself. The Attack Titan’s ability to see through time doesn’t apply to a fixed timeline, instead, allowing wielders to see multiple timelines and alter decisions made by past holders of the Attack Titan.

Eren was able to control and influence regular Titans, ensuring their deaths could be utilized toward his plan. This allowed him to establish an optimal timeline for saving the Eldians.

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren in Attack on Titan? Explained

Mikasa was chosen to kill Eren as part of Ymir’s request in exchange for setting up a timeline where Mikasa would break free of her love and do what was best for the world. Although Eren shows remorse for hurting Mikasa, he went forward with this plan to ensure the world’s well-being.

How Many People Know the Truth About Eren’s Plan?

It is unclear exactly how many people know the truth behind what Eren did. While Armin, Mikasa, and the major characters are shown the truth in a vision provided by Eren, they don’t tell the rest of the world. Speculation arises regarding whether they intend to share the truth of Eren’s plans.

Is the Attack on Titan Anime Ending Different From the Manga?

The answer is yes, with the anime’s ending differing from the manga. The differences are minor overall, but one major change involves Eren and Armin’s final conversation, reframing the two former friends’ reconciliation.