Dark and Darker has its own coffee now

Ironmace Launches “Pourin One Out” Collector’s Box Inspired by Dark and Darker

Ironmace is taking advantage of the popularity of Dark and Darker by releasing a new “collector’s box” of coffee based on the game.

The “Pourin One Out” Collector’s Box is now available for pre-order and includes one tub of dark chocolate cinnamon churro cold brew coffee, one 12oz bag of dark chocolate cinnamon flavored whole bean coffee, a 500ml stainless steel shaker cup, and the “Pourin One Out” in-game emote.

Let’s Play Dark and Darker – TRY NOT TO DIE! Dark and Darker Steam Next Fest Demo.

“Out of the darkness comes our second collaboration with Dark and Darker – the ‘Pourin One Out’ Limited Edition Collector’s Box!” says partner Madrinas. “This box features a Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Churro Cold Brew and a Darker Chocolate Cinnamon Whole Bean Coffee. These flavors will keep you one step ahead of the competition as you uncover mythical treasures, grind through goblins, and do your best to portal out of the Crypt!”

The $55 box is available for pre-order now, with orders expected to ship in December 2023. International orders may take up to ten weeks for delivery, with additional customs charges possible.

And Dark and Darker isn’t the only game to partner with Madrinas. The online store also offers products inspired by Terraria, Warships & Tanks, and Lords of the Fallen.

In case you missed it, Dark and Darker is coming to mobile. PUBG: Battlegrounds publisher Krafton has acquired the rights to bring the RPG to mobile devices, praising the game’s “potential and distinct creativity” and stating developer Ironmace had “tapped into something compelling”.

Earlier this month, Dark and Darker had to make changes to its login server to better protect itself against a “concerted DDoS attack”.