PlayStation Portal Review – IGN

I did not anticipate being impressed by the PlayStation Portal, Sony’s small-screen Remote Play solution for the PS5. With Remote Play already performing well on tablets and phones, and controller options like the Backbone designed specifically for playing console games remotely, I didn’t see the need for the Portal. Why spend $200 on a device with only one purpose when there are cheaper alternatives available? However, after spending time with the PlayStation Portal, I have to admit that this little gadget is actually quite impressive.

Bigger Is Better

The screen on the PlayStation Portal is a high-quality 8″ LCD screen, which is bigger than the screen on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. The colors are vivid and clear, and there’s no smearing or ghosting. The viewing angle is also great, allowing you to use the screen comfortably from different positions. Overall, playing games on the Portal’s screen is a much better experience than using Remote Play on a phone or a full-sized tablet with a controller.

The Portal is essentially a DualSense controller with a screen, and it feels very familiar and comfortable to use. The absence of the touch pad is a drawback, but the screen has a virtual replacement for it, allowing you to access all the traditional DualSense functions.

Lightweight and Portable

The Portal is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it easy to use in various positions. Although the battery life is decent, it would be great to see improvements in that area. While the Portal is not as feature-packed as other handheld gaming devices, it still offers a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.

PSP in Name

The Portal’s name may be reminiscent of Sony’s original handheld gaming device, the PSP, but it is not intended to be a direct competitor to other handheld consoles. The lack of media functions and Bluetooth capability are drawbacks, but the Portal provides a solid gaming experience for PS5 owners.