‘Crash Site’ item and weapon locations in MW3

Modern Warfare 3: Crash Site Mission Guide

Looking for all the weapon and item locations in the “Crash Site” mission of Modern Warfare 3? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide will show you exactly where to find each collectible item and weapon in this intense mission.

All ‘Crash Site’ weapon and item locations in MW3

There are a total of 10 weapons and items to find in the “Crash Site” mission. Here’s where to find each one:

  1. Silenced Victus XMR

    From the mission start on the east side of the map, head west-southwest past the water tower. After you crest the hill, you’ll see the Silenced Victus XMR in a small pavilion under a flickering light.

  2. Kastov 762

    Head west and into the house to the south of the titular crash site. In the front room, you’ll find an orange crate with the Kastov 762 inside.

  3. Heartbeat Sensor

    Head to the back of the house and loop around to the south side. You’ll find another crate with the Heartbeat Sensor at the southwest corner.

  4. Silenced Crossbow

    There’s another small pavilion just to the west between the tail section of the plane and the house. You’ll find the Silenced Crossbow inside.

  5. Incendiary RAAL MG

    Head north-northwest from the Silenced Crossbow and cross the street. You’ll find the Incendiary RAAL MG in another pavilion.

  6. Incendiary Lockwood 680

    Northeast of that pavilion, you’ll find another house. Hop through the window into the back room to find the Incendiary Lockwood 680.

  7. Armor Box

    Head north from the second house and cross the road to find another pavilion and another orange crate. This one has the Armor Box field upgrade inside.

  8. Silenced M4

    Head east-southeast toward the large silo and barn. You’ll find the Silenced M4 inside along the west wall.

  9. Munitions Box

    Continue southeast toward yet another pavilion to find the Munitions Box field upgrade inside.

  10. Silenced SA-B 50

    Back to the west, use the vehicle to climb on top of the low, flat-roofed building. You’ll find the Silenced SA-B 50 up there.

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