Does Lethal Company have matchmaking explained

Lethal Company is an online game, and if you’re not playing with friends, then you’ll be playing with other online players.

If you’re curious about how matchmaking works, then fret not, as I have everything you need to know about how online games are hosted and work.

Does Lethal Company have matchmaking?

If you don’t have anyone you know who wants to play Lethal Company, you may be curious about how matchmaking works with other random players. Like other co-op PvE games, a mic is heavily recommended, but not technically required here.

Lethal Company does not have matchmaking, as unlike other online games, you don’t get joined into an online game by a system, but by your own merit. Instead of joining a lobby with other players, you must browse a server list and choose a game to join.

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Servers are created by those who host their own game and wait for other players to join it.

The host of the game then waits for others to join their server by selecting to join through the server list. If you don’t see any servers to join when you log on, then my advice would be to host a game instead. They tend to fill up rather quickly. As more people discover and play the game, more people will be up and playing in your time zone.

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How server joining works in Lethal Company

You can only join a server in Lethal Company before it has actually begun. Any server you see in the list is made of players waiting to play. When the server launches and the players enter the game, no one else can join. Players can leave, but no one else can join.

This means that trolling and messing around will ruin some people’s games. There is currently no way to moderate or deal with that, which may diminish certain experiences. Hopefully, the developer will implement a work around to trolls who ruin others’ games.

Thankfully, people have stated that the majority of games are great fun and populated with great people, so don’t worry about your time being tarnished by annoying players. So don’t worry about the matchmaking at all and hop right into a game! You’ll only find out how it is by jumping head-first into it.

I hope this has provided some relief, fellow scavenger, and that you’ll be joining servers with great people.

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