Video: Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince "Monster Showcase"

Exciting News for Dragon Quest Fans

Square Enix is gearing up for the release of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince on the Nintendo Switch, set to launch on December 1st. In anticipation of this highly anticipated release, the company has released a three-minute monster showcase video, giving fans a glimpse of the fantastical creatures they can expect to encounter in the game.

What to Expect

The monster showcase offers a sneak peek at the diverse and imaginative monsters that players will come across as they embark on their quest to become the ultimate master of monsterkind. From fierce dragons to adorable and mischievous creatures, the game promises a wide range of monster encounters to keep players entertained and engaged.

For fans of the Dragon Quest series, this video provides an exciting glimpse into the world of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and builds anticipation for its upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch.

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