The Last Faith Review – IGN

The Last Faith: A Familiar, Yet Enjoyable 2D Platformer in a Dark World

If you’re a fan of 2D platforming through non-linear maps, challenging boss fights, and a dark, apocalyptic world in need of saving, then The Last Faith might be the game for you. It offers all the classic elements of the genre, along with its own unique flourishes like an armory of clever weapons and flashy spells. However, it may not reach the heights of its inspirations, often falling short of those special qualities that make those games stand out.

Story and Setting

After a 15-hour journey through The Last Faith’s snowy cities, crypts, and manors, the cryptic and convoluted story left me confused and unsatisfied. The narrative borrows heavily from the Souls games, with a mysterious entity granting powers to malevolent individuals. Unfortunately, the storytelling is frustratingly obfuscated, and the vague and puzzling plot failed to maintain my interest.

Environments and Atmosphere

The Last Faith’s Victorian-era setting and traditional blood-starved enemies set a macabre and gloomy tone, reminiscent of the game Blasphemous. However, while the environments are generally well-crafted, they lack uniqueness and memorability. The game predominantly features big houses and deep caverns, with only a few standout locations. Despite this, the game manages to maintain a dark and foreboding mood throughout.

Gameplay and Combat

The Last Faith offers a mix of brisk platforming and intense combat, but the difficulty spikes unexpectedly, creating a fluctuating and occasionally frustrating pace. Enemies are well-animated but tend to follow familiar horror tropes. Boss fights, while a solid test of skill, lack imagination and fail to leave a lasting impression.

Combat Depth

One unique aspect of the game is its combat system, featuring a diverse selection of weapons and spells. However, the limitations of weapon scaling and the underwhelming effectiveness of spells detract from the potential depth of the combat system. The lack of flexibility in customizing character stats hinders the experimentation and variety seen in similar games.

Exploration and Progression

Despite the linear nature of the main storyline, the game effectively guides players on where to go next by gating off areas based on acquired abilities. However, the lack of detailed mapping and tracking for resources after death may frustrate players in need of backtracking.

Overall, while The Last Faith delivers an enjoyable and familiar 2D platforming experience, it falls short of reaching the heights set by its genre counterparts. The game’s atmospheric setting and satisfying combat are hindered by the lack of storytelling coherence and limited combat depth. It remains a solid choice for fans of the genre, even if it doesn’t break new ground.