How to find the Lake Temple in Coral Island

The map in Coral Island is quite large, and it can take awhile getting accustomed to where everything is. So how exactly can you find the Lake Temple in Coral Island?

During the Mythical Dream questline, you’ll end up having to find the Lake Temple, which is somewhere on the island. If you get lost sometimes like I do, and need a bit of direction, here’s where to find it.

Coral Island: Where to find the Lake Temple location

When I got the task of heading to the lake temple, I was unsure of where exactly to start. Even the Mythical Dream quest was confusing at times. How you can find the Lake Temple in Coral Island is in the northeast corner of the Island where the Lake is.

It seems obvious that it’s at the Lake, but finding the entrance to the actual temple itself can be confusing as well. The Lake Temple is where you’ll be giving offerings to heal the island. Think of the Community Center from Stardew Valley.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

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There are two main entrances. For one of them, you’ll want to walk towards the southern end of the lake where the wooden walkway is. Near its end, you’ll see wooden steps descending onto the lake, but to a rocky patch just beneath the water. This is the area you can step on. There’s also an entrance on the western side of the lake down some stone steps, either of these will work.

How To Find The Lake Temple In Coral Island Offerings
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you get close enough to the actual temple, the cutscene will begin, and it’ll introduce you to the temple offering system. That’s all it takes to reach the Lake Temple! I’d say the easiest entrance is the one on the western side, but it mostly matters which direction you come from. Now you can return here whenever you have an offering.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.