FFXIV – How to Change Appearance

Changing Your Appearance in Final Fantasy XIV

There are a variety of ways to change your appearance in Final Fantasy XIV, and it plays a crucial role in the immersion of the game. Whether it’s altering your character’s hair, clothing, or even gender and race, customization is an integral part of the FFXIV experience. Here’s a guide on how to alter your appearance in the game.

How to Change Hair

To change your character’s hairstyle in FFXIV, you’ll need to visit the Aesthetician. This NPC not only provides hair modifications but also offers services like applying tattoos, changing eyebrows, and adding face paint. Access the Aesthetician by using the Crystal Bell at your inn room, and be prepared to pay 2,000 gil for each haircut.

How to Unlock the Aesthetician

The Aesthetician can be unlocked by heading to Limsa Lominsa with a character of level 15 or higher. Speak to S’dhodjbi on the Upper Decks at 11-11 and complete the level 15 Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) “Call of the Sea” to initiate the questline. Make sure to pay attention to the quest requirements, as it involves using specific emotes.

How to Unlock More Hairstyles

Finding new hairstyles in FFXIV involves various methods, such as purchasing from the Marketboard, encountering Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman, or reaching specific milestones in select dungeons and content. With over 30 hairstyles available for unlocking, it’s essential to ensure that the desired hairstyle is compatible with your character’s gender and race before making the purchase.

How to Change Clothing (Glamour)

How to Unlock Glamour

Glamour, the feature that allows you to change the appearance of your gear, can be a bit puzzling for new players due to its questline requirements. To unlock glamour, head to Western Thanalan and embark on the “If I Had a Glamour” or “A Self-improving Man” quests, as both lead to the basic glamouring function.

How to Dye Glamour

To dye gear or glamour pieces, complete the “Color Your World” quest in Western Thanalan, which unlocks the dye feature. This enables you to add a personal touch to your character’s attire.

How to Use Glamour

Glamour can be applied via casting on individual pieces of gear or by creating glamour sets, which can be stored in the Glamour Dresser at any inn room. Players can dye their glamour plates and attach them to a specific outfit, ensuring that their character’s look is consistent and personalized.

Glamour Prisms

Glamour Prisms are essential for applying glamour and can be obtained through crafting, purchasing from vendors, or acquiring them from the Marketboard. The method of procurement is ultimately determined by the player’s preferences and available resources.

How to Change Skin/Gender/Race

Altering your character’s gender, race, or other permanent attributes in FFXIV requires the use of Fantasia. This item allows players to make significant changes to their character’s appearance.

How to Get Fantasia

Fantasia can be obtained through the MogStation, as a reward for completing specific quests, or by purchasing the latest expansion. It’s a versatile item that grants players the ability to modify their character’s appearance whenever necessary.

How to Use Fantasia

Using Fantasia involves selecting and activating the item from your inventory, followed by logging out of the game. Upon logging back in, players can utilize the edit character function to make comprehensive changes to their character’s appearance without impacting their progress in the game.

Now armed with the knowledge of how to alter your appearance in FFXIV, you can take your character customization to the next level and truly make your in-game persona a reflection of yourself.