How to Unlock & Level Miner in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV offers a diverse array of jobs for players to choose from, ranging from combat to crafting and gathering. The Miner job is one such option, allowing players to gather essential resources for crafters. If you’re interested in pursuing the Miner job in FFXIV, here’s how to unlock and level it.

How to Unlock the Miner Job in FFXIV

Similar to other jobs in the game, the Miner job is unlocked by visiting the Miner’s Guild, located in Ul’dah in the Steps of Thal area at (X:11, Y:14). Speak to the Guild Receptionist named Linette to pick up the Level 1 quest called “Way of the Miner.” Completing this quest will provide you with your first pickaxe and kick off the Miner job quest line.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gathering equipment, consider visiting the lala vendor NPC named Yoyobasa at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange (X:14.2, Y:11.1) in Ul’dah, where you can find gathering equipment up to Level 49 at affordable prices.

How to Level the Miner Job in FFXIV

To gain experience as a Miner, players can engage in two primary methods: gathering resources in various open-world areas of the game and completing Miner Job Quests, which go up to Level 70. These quests provide substantial amounts of experience and supplementary items to aid in your mining endeavors.

Additionally, Miner Levequests and special instanced areas such as The Crystalline Mean, The Diadem, Studium Deliveries, and Beast Tribe Questlines offer additional opportunities for gaining experience as a Miner.

With this guide, you should now have all the information you need to unlock and level the Miner job in FFXIV. Let us know which gathering job you prefer the most!