FFXIV – Best Squadron Recruits

The Top Squadron Recruits in Final Fantasy XIV

If you play Final Fantasy XIV, you may be familiar with squadron recruits. These NPCs can be taken on missions that unlock non-squadron content in the game. But which squadron recruits are the best to use? In this guide, we will explore the best squadron recruits in Final Fantasy XIV and how to unlock and train them for optimal gameplay.

Understanding Squadron Recruits in FFXIV

When it comes to squadron recruits in Final Fantasy XIV, these NPCs do not have specific stats based on their names. Instead, their traits are determined by their class, race, and gender, while their stats are based on when they enlist. This means that players have the flexibility to choose their recruits based on other factors.

Basics of Building Your Squadron

Not every player utilizes squadrons in FFXIV, and understanding the basics is essential. To unlock squadron recruits, players must complete the level 47 Grand Company quest known as “Squadron and Commander.” This quest requires players to be at least level 47 and hold the rank of Second Lieutenant in their Grand Company.

Players can find a list of every recruit and how to unlock them on the Wiki page. Once unlocked, squadron recruits can be trained or sent on missions to level up. Additionally, squadron enlistment manuals can be purchased to increase the likelihood of a squadron enlisting.

Best Classes for Recruits

When it comes to selecting the best classes for recruits in FFXIV, it ultimately depends on the player’s preferred playstyle. Marauder, Conjurer, Archer, and Rogue are considered the best classes for honing specific skills, while all other classes aside from these are fairly balanced.

Players can make their squadron better by focusing on squadron chemistry, changing class, and consistently training and leveling their recruits. Understanding the unique outfits that certain recruits come with can also help players make informed decisions when choosing new squadron members.

Now that you know the best squadron recruits in FFXIV, which one is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!