How to Disable Turrets in Lethal Company

How to Disable Turrets in Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players are faced with the challenge of disabling deadly turrets while racing against the clock. These turrets can swiftly eliminate the player, making it essential to know how to disable them to progress in the game.

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When encountering these turrets, players must be strategic and coordinated in their approach. The turrets have a limited range of motion, allowing players to carefully navigate past them, avoiding their deadly attacks. However, simply avoiding the turret is not always possible, and players will need to disable it to continue their journey.

Disabling the turret requires collaboration between players. One player must scan the turret, revealing a two-digit letter-number code. Meanwhile, another player located at the ship’s Terminal must enter this code to temporarily disable the turret. This temporary measure provides a brief window for the team to pass the turret safely, but it requires precise coordination.

It’s important to note that the turret will reactivate after a few seconds, posing an ongoing threat to the players. Therefore, players must work together to ensure everyone can move past the disabled turret within the limited time frame. Failure to do so can result in being swiftly eliminated by the turret’s deadly onslaught.

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