Immortals of Aveum May Be Added to PS Plus to Attract Players

Immortals of Aveum Potential for Subscription Services

Immortals of Aveum director Bret Robbins believes that the game has the potential to be added to subscription services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass in order to reach a wider audience. The game, which was developed by Ascendant Studios and published by Electronic Arts in September, received mixed reviews and did not perform well in terms of sales.

In a recent interview with Xbox Expansion Pass, Robbins expressed his openness to the idea of bringing Immortals of Aveum to PS Plus or Game Pass, stating that he sees the value in expanding the game’s reach. While he admits to not fully understanding the economics of subscription services, he hinted at the possibility of a deal being made in the near future to make the game more accessible to players.

Despite the lukewarm reception, Immortals of Aveum launched during a crowded period of game releases and struggled to stand out. The first-person magic shooter presented an intriguing concept but fell short in its execution.

Following the disappointing commercial and critical response, Ascendant Studios underwent a round of layoffs, which Robbins described as a difficult time for the studio. He acknowledged that failing to meet targets had unfortunate consequences for an independent studio.