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Lethal Company Monster Guide

Tons of monsters and creepy crawlies wander the world of Lethal Company. If you know their abilities and characteristics, you will have a high chance of surviving encounters. This guide will provide players with a list of all the monsters in the game, their appearance, and how to kill them.

Lethal Company Monster Categories

There are three monster categories in Lethal Company. Their type can indicate more info about them, such as spawn rate and aggressiveness. Here are all the monster categories in Lethal Company:

Outdoor Monsters

Outdoor monsters dominate the terrain in Lethal Company and are scattered across all game zones. When confronted individually, they’re relatively simple to dispatch. However, they pose a considerable threat when they attack you in droves. They have the highest spawn rates among all the categories so players will encounter them the most.

Indoor Monsters

Indoor monsters are less common and confine themselves to specific locations within the game. They are less aggressive than their outdoor counterparts, but they inhabit enclosed spaces, making them hard to fight. Most of these monsters are dangerous, which balances out the fact that they have a low spawn rate.

Nighttime Outdoor Monsters

Nighttime outdoor monsters are the rarest breed in Lethal Company. They only appear solely in outdoor locales after dark. Their spawn rate is the lowest, so you are only likely to encounter them if you are actively looking for them. They are highly aggressive and hard to spot because darkness obscures them, making them the most challenging to fight among all the monster categories.

List of All Lethal Company Monsters

Outside Daytime Monsters

  • Roaming Locusts

These massive insects dominate the daylight skies, and you can quickly identify them by their vibrant green bodies and red wings. Despite their size, they’re generally peaceful and only attack if provoked. Defeating them gives you valuable locust meat, which is crucial for crafting.

  • Manticores

These fearsome creatures wander in dark caves and deserted structures. They are seen sporting scorpion-like features, lion’s heads, and barbed tails. They’re highly aggressive and will relentlessly attack intruders. Glowing eyes and tails signal their presence, warning intrepid explorers. Fire-based weapons prove most effectivagainst them, and victory grants precious manticore hide, essential for crafting powerful gear.

  • Circuit Bees

These tiny glowing insects are attracted to electricity and frequent areas with electrical devices. They are generally inactive and will only attack when provoked. Their buzzing and luminescence serve as warnings. Fighting them poses minimal risk, and you can use their presence to find nearby essential electrical resources.

  • Baboon Hawks

These creatures with baboon heads and sharp talons can typically be found perched on high places while searching for prey. They have keen senses that make them hard to approach, and their aggressive nature leads to devastating attacks from above. Shotguns or accurate ranged strikes are effective against them. They drop rare baboon feathers, valuable for crafting unique items.

Inside Monsters

  • Hoarding Bugs

These bugs are small insect-like creatures, usually gathering valuables in dim corners, adorned with shiny trinkets. They appear moderately and are generally non-aggressive unless provoked. Their metallic bodies reflect light, which makes them more visible in the dark. They can be killed with any weapon but are especially susceptible to fire-based attacks. Defeating them yields various items they’ve hoarded.

  • Snare Fleas

These tiny parasitic creatures are commonly lurking in shadows. They are highly aggressive and have a high spawn rate. A faint buzzing sound and a red glow indicate their presence. They are incredibly vulnerable to insecticides and drop blood essence when defeated.


  • Spore Lizards
  • These chameleon-like creatures blend into their surroundings and are covered in glowing fungi. They have a medium spawn rate and are only aggressive if approached closely. They are visible in the dark due to their luminous fungi but can camouflage themselves in light. Spore Lizards are vulnerable to ice-based attacks and drop bioluminescent spores when defeated.

    • Hygroderes

    These aquatic creatures dwell in the flooded sections of the complex. Their bodies are covered in a thick layer of slime and have a low spawn rate. Hygroderes are not aggressive unless disturbed or threatened. Their slimy bodies give off a faint luminescence, which makes them easier to spot in dark underwater environments. You can kill Hydrogeres with any weapon, but they are particularly susceptible to lightning-based attacks. Defeating them drops a small amount of bio-electric gel, a valuable resource for crafting electronic devices.

    Outside Nighttime Monsters

    • Forest Keepers

    These enigmatic creatures are guardians of the ancient forests and are rarely seen by human eyes. They are tall and slender, with bodies covered in moss…