Does the Airplane Mode Hack still work in Monopoly GO?

Is Monopoly GO’s Airplane Mode Hack Still Effective?Monopoly GO has always been a game of chance, but that all changed when the airplane mode hack was discovered, allowing players to manipulate their dice rolls. But does this cheat still work?

What is the Airplane Mode Hack for Monopoly GO?

The airplane mode hack was originally discovered by a disgruntled player who wanted to improve their chances in the game. By using airplane mode to disconnect from the servers while playing, players were able to undo poor dice rolls by closing the app and reopening it, effectively granting them a do-over.

Image via Scopely

This exploit essentially allowed patient players to control their fate in the game, giving them a significant advantage in events and tournaments.

Does the Airplane Mode Hack still work in Monopoly GO?

Attempts to make the airplane mode hack work in Monopoly GO have been unsuccessful, as the exploit appears to have been patched. It’s likely that Scopely, the publisher of Monopoly GO, caught wind of the cheat and took action to address it.

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Image: Scopely

The game now prevents players from starting in airplane mode, effectively nullifying the exploit. Even if players attempt to open the game in airplane mode and then disable it, they are met with a green screen and unable to proceed.

Unfortunately for those who relied on this cheat, the exploit no longer works. If a new workaround is discovered in the future, we will provide updates, so be sure to check back regularly.

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