How to Complete Dragon’s Dogma 2 Readvent of Calamity Quest

Unlocking the Readvent of Calamity Quest

Exploring Dragon’s Dogma 2 can lead to critical side missions that impact progress, such as the Readvent of Calamity. Unlocking this quest is essential for accessing the Mystic Spearhand Vocation. Follow these steps to unlock and complete the mission.

  • Complete at least one of Captain Brand’s quests in Vernworth to increase the chances of a dragon attack in Melve.
  • Visit Melve until the dragon attack occurs, ensuring you do not progress past the Feast of Deception mission.

Be patient and stay within the questline to trigger the event eventually. Once the dragon attack begins, you will engage in a battle with the behemoth.

Defeating the Dragon in Readvent of Calamity

Players do not need to kill the Dragon in this quest; they must lower its HP below half to force it to retreat. Focus on attacking the blisters covering its body to end the battle quickly. The Dragon’s attacks are limited to fire breaths and body slams, making the fight relatively straightforward.

Unlocking the Mystic Spearhand Vocation

After repelling the Dragon, unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation by interacting with Sigured, a hooded NPC with a long spear. Learn about this Arisen-exclusive specialization that combines magick and duospear combat.

Completing the Readvent of Calamity Quest

After defeating the Dragon, leave Melve and return after a day has passed. Look for Ulrika, triggering a series of events that lead to her exile from the village. Follow these steps to complete the quest:

  • Find Ulrika in her house for a cutscene thanking you for your help.
  • Head to Harve Village to check on Ulrika and inform Lennart of her safety.
  • Return to Melve, interact with Lennart, and discuss Ulrika’s status and future.

Readvent of Calamity Rewards

Upon completion of the quest, Lennart will reward you with items, including the Ring of Gri, XP, gold, and more to aid your progression as a Mystic Spearhand.